Help With Turbo Exemption For 2003 Wrx - 2003 WRX turbo exemption  

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Post #1 post 3rd May 2022 - 03:23 PM
Hey all,
I've read a few different threads on here about getting turbo exemption for car before 2010, under the 125kw/t rule.

But I went to QLD roads yesterday with my form filled out, and the woman at the counter said that its not guaranteed, and that I shouldn't submit it because I don't have the car under my name.
I have put a deposit on the car already and most likely picking up later this week, how do I go about this, do I wait until I've transferred rego into my name or just submit it?
And is it guaranteed, because the kw/t is only 120.43kw/t?

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