Tesla Model 3 - Screen Black / Unresponsive - What to do and when to log a service call.  

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Post #1 post 4th October 2021 - 04:39 PM
If you own a Tesla Model 3, welcome to the transformative world of driving an Electric Vehicle! smile.gif

Many people describe Tesla's as a computer on wheels, which unfortunately means that sometimes the technology suffers bugs.

The good news is that the core driving systems like braking/steering/acceleration/gear selection/lights/turn signals, are all independant from the core computer brain in the car.

So if you get a blank screen problem, the chances are that you can actually still drive the car although it'll be hard to know what speed you're doing........

So what to do if you get a blank screen, black screen, or a frozen screen?

Well you can do a "SOFT RESET" of the computer, best performed whilst in park!

Press and hold both the steering wheel scroll buttons in for five seconds or until the screen turns completely off.

Shortly after, the Tesla logo should display on the screen, similar to the Mac apple or Android logo does on your favourite smart phone or TV whist it boots up.

If this reset procedure doesn't do the trick... there's a "HARD RESET" that you can do which is slightly different.

Once again, put the car in park and make sure you're in a safe place out of the way of traffic.

This time, push on the brake pedal, hold it in, and then push and hold both steering wheel scroll buttons in for five seconds or until the screen turns completely off.

Then after a while the Tesla emblem will show on the screen and the whole system will come back to life shortly.

If there is still a problem, than a power off / power on procedure can be performed next... which involves opening the front hood, pulling the cover off the 12 vole battery in front of the windshield and using a wrench to disconnect the battery......

But seriously, that's a lot of effort and more than the typical owner would be willing to do.

However, if you're experiencing a blank screen more than once a year then there's actually something wrong with your car and you should lodge a Tesla Service Call within the Tesla App on your smart phone.

Don't tolerate a problem like this and consider it to be normal, because it simply isn't.

99% of Tesla owners will tell you that a blank screen has never happened to them, so please don't write this off as something you need to tolerate if it's happening regularly.


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