2006-2018 Toyota Camry Fuse Box Location - Camry fuse blocks explained here  

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The Toyota Camry has two fuse box locations regardless of the model year. The location might differ slightly in each model, but the difference is marginal.

  • One is located in the engine compartment
  • Under the dashboard on the drivers side

There are two fuse box styles, when it comes to the one found in a Toyota Camrys engine bay. You can see the diagram below to find the one inside your car.

Opening this fuse box is as simple as pulling on the tabs, and the lid comes off.

To access the fuse box inside the cabin, you have to pull on a small latch.

The fuse boxes will have separate fuses for lights, the A/C, the ABS, the windows, the seats, and all the other systems that use electricity.

You can check the Toyota Camry Owners Manual for further details.

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