The Days That Once Were... - Where are we all now?  

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well, this place died in the arse.

Post #72

I havent been here for a few 5 or so

Post #73

Kids these days

Post #74

And down it went.....Man, this place used to be the place to be sad.gif

Post #75

Here for the nudes

Post #76

Itís been a while

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Logged in just to post on this. I look in here maybe once a year in the hope that maybe OT has returned to glory

Post #78

Just the yearly check up! I am getting old now!

the big finger
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QUOTE (ExodusDesign @ Aug 6 2017, 12:11 AM) *
just popping my head in as its been 50438 years

I remember you... I think we swapped cars. I swapped turbo liberty for your 180sx

Post #81

Wow, quiet is an understatement. sad.gif Whoever it was that said facebook has a lot to do with it is right.
Been reloading (remembering) some old sites I used to I want to ditch facebook, but most forums look just like this...abandoned. dunno.gif

Post #82

I joined on Mar 16 2009, been a while... cant remember when I was last here.

Post #83

What the fuck is all this noise

Post #84

QUOTE (Jezboosted @ Nov 3 2016, 07:37 PM) *
I havent been on here for over a decade! Surprised my account was still active! Miss the good old days of M1 races, burleigh drags, the bwcc and all the great people.

Bro! Youíre an 02 member!! Haha I thought I was doing alright at 08

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Post #86

Checking in.......

Post #87

Every time I come on here for a bit of a look there's less and less going on. Was good times back in boostcruising era

Post #88

Lost my old password to my account. Does posting long cat still get tears rolling around here. This place was sweet till it all went pansy...

EDIT:- 10 points who for anyone that can get my old password back.


Post #89

Should be a meet up for all the OG's

Post #90

Someone posted the link on Facebook so I clicked it, turns out I remembered my username and password haha

Post #91

12 months since my last post. I now have a 6 month old baby.

Post #92

Sup fcukerzzz huh.gif

Post #93

yearly check in

Post #94

Has to be at least 5 years since I last logged in. Miss the good old cruising days.

Post #95

Checking in

Post #96

QUOTE (mAJORD @ Mar 28 2018, 07:08 PM) *
Kids these days

Hey buddy

Post #97

QUOTE (LV2DFT @ Sep 11 2018, 10:41 PM) *
Bro! Youíre an 02 member!! Haha I thought I was doing alright at 08

03 here bro biggrin.gif

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QUOTE (LV2DFT @ Sep 11 2018, 09:41 PM) *
Bro! Youíre an 02 member!! Haha I thought I was doing alright at 08

Hahaha ! If memory serves me right, I am member # 147. It used to show it, but i dont think it does anymore.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is up to us to revive this. Every one of you reading this has the power.

Does anyone remember the Autospeed meet on the Gold Coast ? Seeing the Judge with his Giocattolo open up onto the highway vs an RX3 was something i'll never forget.

There was a video made of the event by Autospeed. Does anyone have it ?

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Post #101

Well Iíll be fcuked!!! This place still exists (albeit very quiet).

I joined Late 2002!!! When did 18years pass by?

I even managed to recover my password!!

Post #102

I just came back to look for a cheap sub and amp combo for my daily....if not here, then where?! Gees it's been a while though! Was talking to my wife last night about how young guys today aren't into cars anymore. See a couple of young trades enjoying their Hilux, but that's about it.

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Post #104

4 year check in.
2004 member 😂

Post #105

QUOTE (BRENO86 @ Jul 8 2016, 08:26 AM) *
So, its been a while... Lives have changed and we all seem to have disappeared...

I urge you (if you're an old school boostuser who is lurking) step forward and say hello... Would be nice to see familiar names pop back up again.

How old school is old school? 😂
I only lurk for the sale pages but still nothing I want 😂

Last log in was 2013 before tongiht 😂

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