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Post #1 post 24th November 2015 - 07:05 PM
Q: Here's a weird question... how would you display your passion for liquor?

A: It all depends what you think 'passion' means hey! Would you call it a passion if you're drinking to excess and getting legless, or is a passion about enjoying a fine drop of wine, a fkn smooth beer, or throat burning whiskey?

One of the most scary things about Australia is that drinking in excess is engrained in our culture, it's like a national sport to drink in excess on a regular basis, such as a show of masculinity if you can down a carton of beer and still walk in a straight line without falling over. There is a has a very laid-back culture where most social occasions are fuelled by alcohol. Alcohol consumption is considered a ritualistic celebration in many communities and cultures throughout the world however Australia's consumption has become excessive which has led to a burden on emergency services.

The STRAYA cultural values are being passed on between generations and have thus created an on-going cycle of alcoholism.

If you were to ask a retiree what it means to be passionate about alcohol, they would take the meaning to enjoying a fine drop of wine.

But I'm sure that if the same question went to a 18-25 year old, it would be about getting legless with their mates every weekend!

For some perspective... check out some stats below... it's enlightening and frightening.


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