Video - V8 Ke70 Extreme Angle Drift Incident  

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Post #1 post 15th July 2014 - 08:16 AM
V8 Ke70 incident from the Repco Pro Drift Championships.

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2 camera angle vid

Video - V8 Ke70 Extreme Angle Drift Incident


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    Post #2

    Wow,that had the potential to be a lot worse! unsure.gif

    Post #3

    I reckon hey! It was a good day only minor incidences. Another V8 AE86 went off here also, straight ahead with some air. I have the vid somewhere, not sure how viable it is though due to mass amounts of tire smoke lol

    Post #4

    Yep,when I saw the still shot in your top video,I thought this is going to be ugly,as the car was already on a 45 degree angle,and you can see spectators in the background,but when the dust cleared,he drove off,I'd be racing down to buy a lottery ticket,if I were him.

    Post #5

    My mate Barry in the Silvia in the foreground thought he was gone for sure, it was more luck than good management

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