2006 Chrysler 300c  

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Hey guys. Finally got around to finishing my custom alloy bonner liner. To go with my bonnet. After some obscene swearing I ended up having to relieve the centre to the XV manifold but I am happy with the result.

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QUOTE (bozo4 @ Dec 22 2013, 03:07 PM) *
Hey guys I did a boost gauge install today replacing the stock clock. Came up neat.. When I asked my wife to spot what I had done in the car she couldn't pick it.. Sorry for the bad iphone in the garage photo..

Nice work, I imagine at 20 o'clock, it would be having some traction issues

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Traction issues start at 5 Oclock.... :-)

Post #74

I have run the final lines to my blow off valve now that the fittings have turned up.. 10mm lines all with 300psi rated push fittings.. 3/8 to 10mm y piece out of the manifold and 10mm to 1/8 into the blow off valves.. I have also run a 6psi spring on the supercharger side. This just floats at idle and is open under cruise but snaps shut way faster than the 3psi spring on the throttle body side of the intercooler. This will allow for and pressure drop across the core but will also stage the blow off valves to shut as needed. Boost response is much quicker and I have to learn how to drive again but it is definitely 100% better than the setup I had before I started playing around with it.

Post #75

Hey guys I am just playing around with air filter setup for my F1a on a HO bracket.. As good as the pancake filter is I cant help but think that it is restrictive.. Even though I don't much like the P1sc-1 positioning of the air filter I am thinking that the free flow has to be a good thing.. This is a 4" setup that tapers down to the 3.75 inducer of the supercharger.. The filter I have ordered is a K&N 4" inlet 6" base to 4.75 top and 9.5" long.. Really not sure what the results will be but I will keep you posted..

Post #76

You clearly love your car, nice work :-)

Will be interesting how you to with the new intake setup on that motor.

Post #77

I like the progress on this car, I think the biggest gain would be if you could get cold air in; drawing warm air from the engine bay, especially above the exhaust manifold would be rather bad I would think.

If you didn't mind the induction roar, piping it into the air plenum and having the filer in there would bring some nice gains I would think,

The other option would be a CAI from under the supercharger area with a K&N panel filter fitted from underneath, clean and simple

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I have looked at it from all angles.. I am unable to re route it to the front of the car with the standard height bonnet.. There is just not enough room.. I could re engineer the header tank and power steering system but seriously think it is a huge hassle for minimum gain.. The plan of attack I have at the moment is to do this just for daily driving and then I have my old bonnet or a spare bonnet I could get a reverse cowl or induction made for, for the strip to get the best result.. I can also then remove the elbow and replace with a meshed velocity stack... My old setup I had a custom bonnet made and ran my filter to the fresh flowing air.. Was very successful but I was trying to get away from that look to a more stealthy one..

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I know the car isn't build with economy in mind but out of interest whats the L per 100km? And how does it compare to stock economy?

Post #80

I get on average 14 litres per 100K My last setup was 11 litres per 100K and stock was about 9.5 to 10.... I get on average 420km per 70L tank if I drive with the family in the car...Considerably less if I am alone... lol ....

Post #81

Damn that's way better than I expected.

Post #82

Man thats such a rad build. Bet it pulls some mad skids haha

Post #83

Yea Definately a trick to getting it to even resemble hooking up. Help heaps that I have paddle shifters hooked up through the software programmable drag box so my hands are on the wheel at all times. Launch control and burnout mode are activated by either pushing or pulling the cruise control stalk. The software is controllable via my laptop and allows me full control of shift firmness in any gear up and down In drive or manual , shift rpm in any gear, throttle scaling / shift firmness ratio etc. etc..

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Have you ran it down the 1/4 yet? Or do you have plans to? Would love to find out how it goes.

Post #85

Definitely plan too.. I live 250Km from Palmyra Dragway which is my closest strip.. So is a bit of a hassle.. My current drag wheels and tyres are 18s and I would like to get some 17s and BF's under before I run it.. When it was 420rwhp It ran a 12.9... I then fine tuned the last setup to 500+ but never got to run it.. comparable setups in the states run 10s all day and high 9s with spray...

Post #86

I have fitted the pancake filter for now till the filters I ordered arrive. It has the same base diameter as the ones I ordered so I have been able to check for clearances.. I ordered a couple of different sizes and types to try.. Where it sits is directly under the scoop in the bonnet.. Not sure if that is a good or a bad thing as the scoop is intended to flow the air out but at least the filter is in a position of air flow compared to where it was.. I had run a thermocouple in the engine bay and there was slight differences in temps from where it was to here. But nothing that you would attribute to any power gain potential.. If there is any power gain to be had from this it will be purely from relieving the restriction of flow from such a small filter.. The only other gain is the ease of filter change and cleaning.. My pancake filter was an absolute Pain in the ass to change out...

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Ive never really liked 300c's. But you have to love a great clean build. Well done dude.

Post #88

Here are a few iphone pics I took tonight of one of the K&N filters I ordered.. This is the middle size of the 3 filters.. Think this setup will be a fairly large improvement on the old setup...

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Hey guys.. On my P1sc-1 procharger setup I was running a 3.1 inch pulley on a stock balancer pulley with no belt slip.. I attributed this to an extra idler and the fact that I had my pulley bead blasted.. I am trying a new belt " Gates Blue Racing " When changing over to it I decided to blast my current pulley to be sure of no slip.. I purchased a gravity feed sand blaster for $49 off ebay and I got some course blast medium.. though you could just use filtered sand. I masking taped the front and back of the pulley then I blasted the ribs. Now have a nice course non slip pulley.. easy mod.. When I did it last time I used glass bead blasting medium. It did work well but this is a fair bit more rough and will work much better.

Post #90

This car gets better day after day. I hope you enter it at Powercruise show n shine. This thing will win several categories, plus many enthusiasts hearts lol...

Post #91

Have been driving the car alot lately working on the drivability tuning. It's been great looking at the faces of the kids and dads when I drop and pick up my kids from school with it.. Lol...

Post #92

Custom made bonnet show prop.. I have matching ones done for the front doors as well.. Just a nice touch for when I get my "Show On "

Post #93

Been searchin around for drag wheel combos.. Looking for something a little different.. Think I found something but any ideas would be much appreciated..

Post #94

I will have a look around today and get back to you if I find anything good.

Post #95

Bought my new drag wheels and they are off to my machinist to have the pcd adjusted as these wheels are 5x114.3 and Chrysler use 5x115 and 14mm studs. Will be running 255s in front and 305 Mickey Thompson ET Streets in the rear. Will run these every day and the car should hook up fairly well at the drop of a hat.. I will leave the 22s for shows.. My other stock drag wheels I will set up with a full slick..

Post #96

Amazing and in depth build. Nice work mate wish there was more of this in depth builds on this site

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Llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllike a Glove!! Drag wheels fit nicely.. These will get the centre Matt blacked and wrapped in Mickey Thompsons.. 305s on the ass and 255s up front...

Post #98

Good stuff! This will make every woman within 600km of the first showing simultaneously pregnant from its high levels of epic.

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Post #100

nice man cant wait to see some vids of it in action.

Post #101

Just ordered these plates to be custom made to just slip over my prestige plates for shows and pics...

Post #102

haha u know it. btw mate bonnet is lookign wya better than the last one you had biggrin.gif laugh.gif

Post #103

Had new centre caps machined.. The wheels and caps are in getting painted in Satin black with a machined lip.. The tyres are sitting patiently waiting.. I also sand blasted my smaller supercharger pulley and fitted it this morning.. Took it for a drive.. soft launch in second gear was so frickan crazy boost is up by 3.5psi..

Post #104

Just finished tuning with the top modern Hemisphere tuner in the US.. The car is Balistic ! Now more than ever I need to get these wheels on.. Car is going into the shop on the 5th for a few things and to fit these.. Thinking I may as we'll throw first and second gear away.. There useless at the moment. For that matter so is traction control.... Lol.. If I turn traction control off it turns tires at 80+ kph....

Post #105

Here is a pic of my new light weight 18" racing wheels painted satin black to match the trim of my car.. Will be running these with Mickey Thompsons.. Will have them on the car in the next couple of weeks..

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