2006 Chrysler 300c  

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Post #36

I have the car on the hoist at the moment. Running a methanol line to the boot. I was using my windscreen washer bottle as my meth tank but have to remove it to make way for the intercooler piping. I have ordered this tank for under the floor in the boot. Holds 16l..

Post #37

loving the new bonnet mate. now is has the perfect angry face to suit the engine. cant wait for skid vid.

Post #38

Funny you should mention that... As you can imagine the current tyres are near dead and I have some new ones I had in storage on there way.. Got a mate with a go pro and when the new tires turn up I am planning on giving these tyres a VIKING funeral..... After these next set tyres are done it will be drag radials only from then on... I know drag radials on 22'' wheels are like having a wank in front of a nymphomaniac but every little bit helps and 22s with 6'' dish are cool..... Got my eyes on another set of wheels at the moment to finish of the build.. Something totally cool... Just need to do some serious wifey begging.... Before anyone asks.. I do have drag wheels and semi slicks.. I do plan to run it when I get all the finer points ironed out.

Post #39

Well fcuk me... A 300c I like... never thought I'd see the day. Mad props and a tip of the hat to you good sir

Post #40

Have MODERN MUSCLE PERFORMANCE in Bexley Sydney to thank for all the spanner work... Emmanuel is an evil genius.. Also the owner of an 850+ HP Twin turbo SRT8 Jeep.... After the intercooler goes on we will hit the dyno and see how close we can get to the 800rwhp mark on pump fuel... Goal is to have a car tat can pull into any servo for fuel with no dramas... At the moment on my drive back up from Sydney the car averaged 420km to a 70litre tank... I don't think that's bad with 700 on tap..

Post #41

Methanol line and level sensor wiring are run.. Intercooler piping has turned up.. Just waiting on a few silicone joiners and the methanol tank and we are good ta go...

Post #42

Looks kinda slow =P

Post #43

Here are some shit tyres that I had laying around.. Gunna put them on only cos I have them and my current back tyres are destroyed... ( Not sure how that happened ) After these die though it will be drag radials only from now on...

Post #44

Fits perfect.... Just a little pipework...

Post #45

Pipework is all done. Dropped it off to be welded. Should be ready for final fit by my next days off..

Post #46

When are we going to be able to see this? I think a magazine special with this in it would be awesome. I'd buy it.

Post #47

Yea don't know... as you all know nobody likes 300c's.. Magazines are reluctant to run them..

Post #48

I think the response this time round will be a tad different. If somebody doesn't take advantage of this bad boy, the world should just end.

Post #49

Methanol tank arrived today. Perfect fit. Will plumb and wire it on my days off...

Post #50

Methanol tank is fitted under the floor in the boot and plumbed in.. The factory washer bottle level sensor is fitted to it and wired up so when the tank goes low it comes up on my dash as a washer water low warning...

Post #51

Dummy fit the intercooler piping.. Have taken it all out and painted it.. Will be running 2 x 2'' Tial blow off valves... They are plumbed into the inner guards to try and keep the noise down..

Post #52

Ok did the fit up this morning.. I need a 45 deg 3.5'' to 3'' for the throttle body ( ordered last week ) and I a also waiting on some power steering fluid.. Let the car idle for ages took it for a run around the block.. At the moment the car is running a fair bit cooler all round than what it was before..

Post #53

Holy Shitballs!! Took the car out for some testing an Wow!! What a difference. The car is off its tits!! Intake air temps are back to
10 to 15 deg above ambient at full noise on multiple back to back runs in the middle of a 32 deg day...

Post #54

This is how the intercooler piping ended up.. Had to re route it for clearance.. I had to change the fitting for the catch can 2.. Fitted one I had but have ordered a black one.. I have been driving he car around and it is wicked fast.. Even with methanol on for safety dipping the AFR into the 10s.. The intake air temps are about 10 to 15 deg above ambient and the radiator temps are not effected.. I fitted a colder thermostat this morning just in case though.. Next job is to replace the blue and red fuel fittings and to give it all a tidy up... and drive it....

Post #55

haha dam, I like it !

Post #56

I'll send a link of this to the editor for Australian Street Car magazine (formerly QLD Street Car), they might be interested

Post #57

so nicely done, looks factory, well done sir, looks so classy will need two monocles

Post #58

Fittings black.

Post #59

QUOTE (.Tim. @ Dec 5 2013, 11:50 AM) *
I'll send a link of this to the editor for Australian Street Car magazine (formerly QLD Street Car), they might be interested


Post #60

I know this is photo overload but I have been doing a tidy up.. Just thought you would like to see the transition..

Post #61

Am making a bonnet liner out of alloy. Not sure wheather to leave it alloy.. Matt black it.. Wrap it... Or what to do... Any ideas??

Post #62

Drag wheels and tyres fit over the big brakes. Yay!! Will be needing to buy better ones but...

Post #64

New rubber... Will give me another 15mm a side... Should help with traction.... NOT!

Post #65

Looks slow lol

Post #66

It is..... ;-)

Post #67

Hey guys I did a boost gauge install today replacing the stock clock. Came up neat.. When I asked my wife to spot what I had done in the car she couldn't pick it.. Sorry for the bad iphone in the garage photo..

Post #68

If the price is right in the next month or 2 I will be fitting a set of these.. 17x9 up front and 17x10 at the back so that I can run some decent sidewall drag radials full time.. Might help achieve something resembling traction.. At the moment I am turning brand new 295s at 100+ kph. LOL.. Will keep my 22s for show..

Post #69

New larger ported throttle body painted and fitted.. Car runs smoother at cruise of 50 and 60kph and has mad response when you tip the blade.. Have done some further painting here and there.. Will be fitting the custom bonnet liner in the next week of so..

Post #70

More tuning next week...

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