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Post #211

Who knows, Big Mc might be off on a holiday or something. If it gets looked at - great... if not... well, its only a small irritation. It wont stop me using the site

Post #212

the side 'feed' bar has disappeared Mcleod. can't see what threads have been made recently to comment in. thanks.

Post #213

Eeermm, why has the site layout changed....?

Special k
Post #214

not sure if my pm's are going through. sent two to you yesterday McLeod but nothing showing in my sent items

Post #215

posting in threads only seems possible when typing directly into the quick reply window.

hitting on a person's post 'reply' button or the advanced button is returning me to the news feed page.

this is on a desk top / ie8 - or whatever they're up to. tongue.gif

Street to Track
Post #216

Unable to open "Businesses" page , getting the message - link is out of date or broken - ?

Post #217

Any ideas when the photos not showing up on the mobile site issue will be fixed?

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