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Post #1 post 25th December 2006 - 04:00 PM
Engine: 5ltr man

Exhaust: 3 inch mandrel

Suspension: super super low

Wheels: 17 inch xhp

Modifications: would ent u like to know

Stereo Audio / Visual: littel bit

Estimated Power: 215.3
14.383 at 96.84 m.p.h.

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  • DAN-O
    Post #2

    smoke em up lol nice cloud, any other pics

    Post #3

    what a beast..

    Post #4

    is it a stroker ?

    hq man
    Post #5

    ye and no

    Post #6

    hate the vn/vp shape, have fun, bet it roars

    Post #7

    i dont really like holdens any more but woot woot

    Post #8

    Is it just me or are these the same pictures as last time?

    Post #9

    Is it just me or does every commodore owner think their mods are that high tech and new that it warrents keeping it under wraps... rolleyes.gif

    I was gunna say nice car till i saw the idiot comment bout the modifications.

    Fishy Boy
    Post #10

    I "would ent" really care if you listed the mods or not, because its still a VN Commodore. 14 Second commodore, big deal. 4 Cylinder Turbos do 13's smile.gif

    Post #11


    still, nice

    hq man
    Post #12

    u what to know cold air, exorzt, msd coil wopee

    i dont post it for fuck heads to write stuped remarks would be nice if u dount have anythin nice to say don't say it all

    Post #13

    Well if you dont want stupid remarks, dont make stupid comments, its not hard.

    Wasnt that hard to explain what few mods you have done now was it smile.gif

    Post #14

    anything changed since you last posted this..

    impressive times i'd be hoping to dip into mid 13's though wink.gif

    Post #15

    atleast you posted what you own and what time it actually ran!

    well done should break 13s easy with some mickey thompson tyres

    on the back!!!

    Post #16

    good work, posted this a few times now

    hq man
    Post #17

    those times where with street slicks i still get a bit of wheel spin

    low-vy thay are new time go back and have a look

    Post #18

    Very nice, love the first pic tongue.gif

    Post #19

    "Tilty head for tilty tacho"

    Really hard to say much with a blurry pic, BiLo docket and an engine cover thingy. Still, if ya have V8, guess u live in Logan & spin wheels n cool sh!t so I guess u rock dude. Rock on! wink.gif

    Post #20

    Nice boat

    Post #21

    looks good

    hq man
    Post #22

    what boat there is no boat

    Post #23

    laugh.gif nice call 57EAM

    Forced Fed Datto
    Post #24

    nice!!! good smoking efforts!!!

    Post #25


    Post #26

    QUOTE(Fishy Boy @ Dec 26 2006, 02:11 PM) [snapback]1280610889[/snapback]

    I "would ent" really care if you listed the mods or not, because its still a VN Commodore. 14 Second commodore, big deal. 4 Cylinder Turbos do 13's smile.gif

    Wow there really is a wanker born everyday. rolleyes.gif

    I don't like VNs, but that's a pretty good time. thumbsup.gif

    Post #27

    Whats with all the arsehole comments from everyone? Gee you think after a few years of not being on here, some people would grow up.. So what if he doesnt wanna tell everyone what hes done to it then thats up to him. He might have a list 10 foot long of mods. And if it is running 14's id say he has done more than exhaust and cai. And just coz its a VN doesnt mean it's shit. You can say 'oh its just a skyline', or 'oh its just a supra'. Just coz there is lots of commodoes doesnt mean you arent allowed to spend the time and money to do one up. Fuck there are just as many imports as commo's in Oz.

    Gee where has all the respect gone. Our generation has got none.

    Dont quote me.



    PS. Nice VN mate pulls a nice skid and a nice time down the 1/4

    hq man
    Post #28

    thanks tufflx8 but from wat we know it only has a 3" exhaust cai and msd coil

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