3 New Stangs Shown At Sema - Which one would you prefer?  

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Post #1 post 24th December 2006 - 05:41 PM
Forget the corporate ladder. You really want to get ahead? It’s a whole lot easier to do behind the wheel of a Road and Track Shelby GT500.

Features Include:
Ford Racing roll cage
Sparco race-inspired seat/safety belts
Ford Racing power pack, delivering approximately 600 horsepower
Ford Racing Handling Pack
Ford Racing Cooling Pack
Ford Racing valve covers
Ford Racing strut tower brace
3-piece Fiske racing wheels
Performance Friction racing brakes
Ford Racing short-throw shifter
Ford Racing performance gauges

Today, the team at Paul’s High Performance (PHP) pays homage to Carrol Shelby and his team at Shelby American with the PHP Dragin’ Snake. It is made for pure performance, and built to break performance records at that very same stretch of quarter mile.

Features Include:
Ford Racing 3.3 Supercharger Unit
Ford Racing Long Tube Headers
Ford Racing Custom 3-inch exhaust
PHP Tubular “K” member
PHP front and rear drag suspension
Ford Racing throttle body and mass air unit
PHP fule delivery system
Wilwood drag brakes
PHP 10-point roll cage

A study in performance, it honors the innovation of Carroll Shelby in the best way it knows how: By stepping onto the track and win.

Features Include:
5.0-liter “Cammer” engine, producing more than 500 horsepower
6-speed sequential shift, race transmission
6-piston front calipers with 2-piece rotors
4-piston rear calipers with 2-piece rotors
8.8–inch full-floating rear axle
3-way adjustable dampers, front and rear
GT-spec rear wing
Carbon fiber nose splitter
22-gallon fule cell
3-piece BBS racing wheels
Curb weight: 3,100 pounds
3 New Stangs Shown At Sema
3 New Stangs Shown At Sema
3 New Stangs Shown At Sema
3 New Stangs Shown At Sema


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  • aydo
    Post #2

    1st one

    Post #3

    last one

    Post #4

    i think i'd go the 2nd one but far out i wouldnt mind any

    Post #5

    last one for sure...

    chop it boy
    Post #6

    stop posting mustangs but they do look good

    Post #7

    Love the second one smile.gif

    Post #8

    mmmm, the 2nd one.

    Post #9

    Daaaamn theyr fucking awesome!
    The red and blue one are the meanest ones

    Post #10

    Damn... pretty hard decision!!! biggrin.gif

    ALL thumbsup.gif

    Post #11

    their all sweet rides smile.gif

    Post #12

    the old model looks better i think but o well, in that last picture the wind looks crap, nice cars though

    Post #13

    QUOTE(pepe__69 @ Dec 26 2006, 07:52 PM) [snapback]1280611766[/snapback]

    the old model looks better i think but o well, in that last picture the wind looks crap, nice cars though

    your a dick head mate...it is obvious that it is setup for the track!! and that it serves a purpose other then just looks.

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