Maaco 'medusa' Mustang - Insane Paint Job  

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Post #1 post 23rd December 2006 - 10:21 PM
When most people think of Maaco, a few words come to mind… accident, insurance, two-hundred dollar paint jobs, etc. Tony Martino, Maaco’s founder and CEO, wants to change that - and he’s off to a good start with their Medusa Mustang.

Beginning with a stock 2006 Mustang GT, Maaco solicited help from Bolt-Onz Luxury and Performance Specialties in Abington, Pennsylvania to handle the performance modifications. This slick ride lays down an impressive 550 horsepower delievered via a twin-screw style supercharger borrowed from the S281 Saleen. Power is delivered to the ground via a 6 speed manual transmission and chrome 20″ Saleen wheels.

Saleen stuff, in fact, is the trend here and Maaco takes it to the Extreme - with a full S281E body kit, brakes, even seats. A few custom touches were performed also, including gull-wing doors that close on the factory hinges. An air ride suspension helps to achieve the perfect ride height for showing off this beauty.

In the electronics department, the Medusa is fitted with everything from dual onboard computers running Windows XP with bluetooth technology powering the in visor keyboards. An in dash touch screen stereo with a navigation system tunes the digital sorround system and controls the air ride suspension. Keeping with the go-fast theme, the car even has high speed wireless internet.

When it’s all said and done though, it’s the paint that really makes this Modded Mustang stand out. The Medusa was sprayed with a medium-dark shade of DuPont’s color-shifting ChromaLusion paint - a paint that reveals different colors and shades when viewed from different angles. The base paint is complemented by a lighter ChromaLusion shade that comprises accent stripes along the sides of the car. The visual effect of the contrasting ChromaLusion shades is dramatic and provides tremendous visual depth to the ponycar’s appearance.
Maaco 'medusa' Mustang
Maaco 'medusa' Mustang
Maaco 'medusa' Mustang


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    that paint is incredible

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    those doors ohmy.gif i want....need

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    Damn, thats crazy

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    Those doors ohmy.gif

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    the paint, the doors, its amazing

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    love the colour smile.gif

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    looks sweet love the doors and the interior

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