A.j Foyt's 'coyote Edition' Mustang - Farking Nice Wheels  

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Post #1 post 23rd December 2006 - 04:10 AM
It seems like every month another limited edition Mustang tuner is found, this time it’s A.J. Foyt’s “Coyote Edition”. This car is being marketed by Heritage Customs out of Arlington Texas, and they’ve slated 500 to be built by special order.

Instantly one of the first things you notice are the wild 20″ wheels and ground effects. You’ll also find subtle exterior improvements - including side striping and some badging. A look inside reaveals custom stitched upholstry, more badging, and some bling in the stereo department. It’s worth noting that Matt found three such Mustangs and each seemed to have different options - one being equipped with a roots style blower.


Ground Effects (Front Fascia, Rear Bumper, Fender Flares, Side Skirts with Door Caps, Rear Window Louvers, Front Fender Vents, Rear Spoiler)
Twin Scooped Fiberglass Hood with Ram Air Induction
Color Keyed Mirrors
Rear Quarter Panel Side Scoops
A.J. Foyt Performance Exhaust
Black Mesh Grill with Center Fog Lights
20” Chrome F18 Wheels with Toyo Tires
Coyote Striping with A.J. Foyt Logos
Chrome Billet Fuel Door
Number and Signed Dash Plaque
3 year/36K mile warranty


Suspension/Anti-Roll Bars, Higher Rate Springs, New Lower Control Arms and Billstein shock to create a 3/4” front and rear lowering effect below factory level (requires different tires)
Engine Programmer (requires special modification)
410 Gears
Custom Leather with A.J. Foyt Logo in the Headrest
Supercharger (unknown)
In Dash DVD/Navigation Unit (unknown)
A.j Foyt's 'coyote Edition' Mustang
A.j Foyt's 'coyote Edition' Mustang
A.j Foyt's 'coyote Edition' Mustang
A.j Foyt's 'coyote Edition' Mustang
A.j Foyt's 'coyote Edition' Mustang


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  • maccah
    Post #2

    that is really nice ay, rims suit it & body is straight as a dime

    Post #3

    Looks nicee!

    Post #4


    My initials are A.j.Foy

    Post #5

    Very nice, kit suits the car nicely.

    Post #6

    tough, clean. love it

    Post #7

    Sweet as!

    The concepts and one off of this style mustang are getting better and better biggrin.gif

    Post #8

    i actually like this ride better then the others above this thread has a whole package etc

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