S13 Silvia Questions - my first silvia n00b questions so please no arseholes  

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Post #1 post 23rd December 2006 - 02:16 AM
hey i just bought maself an s13. 1989 model imported from japan apparently so i have a few questionts regarding some basics.
firstly it has a dash out of a 92 model with a digital speedo and HUD n theres a little red (!) at the top right of gauge panel... what does it mean?
secondly what speed is the digital speedo accurate to?
how do i know if it has hicas/super hicas (any pictures would be great here)
and i may as well mention it here because im in no hurry... does anyone own a 180sx and wish to swap the noses over?
any help would be greatly appreciated thankyou thumbsup.gif
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First of all, well done on your purchase.

I think you will find that the dash is the original, to my knowledge the HUD dash was only available in the early models, i may be wrong.

The (!) symbol i believe is the handbrake light........it is quite possible that the switch at the base of your handbrake lever is bent slightly and therefore not functioning properly.

To find out the accurancy of your speedo..........get next to someone you know on the highway with a late model stock standard car and get them to sit on different speeds, that will give you an idea of the accuracy of your car.

To find out if your car had hicas fitted int he factory, your dash cluster will have a "hicas" light on it when you first turn the key..........alternatively, you could look under the rear of your car for a tube with adjustable arms that sit directly behind the diff. Unfortunately i dont have a pic of the hicas setup as i intentionally purchased one WITHOUT hicas, as it is bad for drift.

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ok thanx for that. next question. what sort of sound deadening do s13's have? is it tar like in old toyotas or do they just use carpet underlay? and just if anyones gutted a silvia before how much weight did stripping the interior n stuff take off?

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They have a similar Tar type deadener like the toyota's.........You will save about 20-25kg by stripping all of the deadener out of the car.........In my opinion, it is NOT worth the effort, nor the discomfort caused by extra noise and heat that comes into the cabin.

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(!) mostly means parkbreak is on.

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as already stated the digital dash and hud is probably standard

my 1989 180sx has it fitted standard.

the digital speedo only counts to 180km/h so if your talking about accuracy at high speeds then it wont be real useful anyway.

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do they have deadener on the fire wall too?

hey aiight u interested in turning ur 180 into a sil80?

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! warning light is the sign of the handbrake being on.

it can also mean that u are running low on brake fluid,

or yeh the sensor under the handbrake is stuffed, have it checked out tho, its usually brake related.

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