Ryder111's Ford - Falcon XR Turbo MK11  

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chop it boy
Post #36

yes the rims suit it u zop.just needs lowering

Post #37

Love the car...hate the wheels.

Post #38

dont like the rims... would have spent the money elsewhere.

good to see a manual but.

Post #39

nice xr6 man! RIMS dont SUIT at all....

Post #40

nice man. i got mine when i was 18 just be carfull i now 19 its got forged motor mall wood box and diff things can get out of hand quickly ha ha. start the mods

Post #41

Sweet ride dude. Don't worry what others say the rims look good. Will look 100% better though when you slam it on its guts. Bags would look dope as. biggrin.gif

Post #42

love these things.. so want one!

just.. mate.. rims = vomit.. sorry but it just totally ruins it!

Post #43


700 sik
Post #44

fuck them shane i bet thay didnt hav cars like that when thay were 18

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