Vl Turbo Commodore Info - need some help????  

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Post #1 post 23rd December 2006 - 12:47 PM
a friend of mine bought a vl turbo com. with a stuffed head. he bought a new head and it also
cracked down the middle.bought another and has blown it again...

also can anyone tell me the differance between a stock vl and the police pursuit vl (are they a bt1)?

can you put a turbo on a natrually aspperated engine????

any help.......
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Well i can tell you that you can put the turbo setup on a N/A Engine.

My block had 386,000 kays on it when i put the t4/methanol/extra injector setup on it and i've done around 12,000 kays now and still going strong at 220rwkwish on 16psi

If it blows i will go to the wreckers and pick a lowish kay r31 motor up.. for gee under $300

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got any pics of your set up.....

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Vl are well known for cooling issues make sure the radiator is up the task and the system is bleed correctly there is a deflector in the radiator to make sure coolant travels across the radiator not just straight in and out. This can rust off and cause the motor to run hot andf cook heads as well

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