Throttle Body - is there really a restrictor in the VT's??  

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Post #1 post 20th December 2006 - 03:10 PM
sum ppl tell me that the 3.8L ecotec engine in the vt commodore has a restrictor in the throttle body and others say that it was taking out befor the vt modle, i dont want to waste my time taking it apart if its not really there, anybody no if they have one???
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sorry that was me that posted this, not jakeorreal....

Manic 180
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i know the non-ecotec 3.8 did have it, well after vn series 1 anyways,
i was under the impression the ecotec didnt,
its not that hard to check, just pull the throttle body off and have a squizz.

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yea ok kool might do that this arve

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yes they do

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QUOTE(Ris00 @ Dec 22 2006, 03:57 PM) [snapback]1280604232[/snapback]

yes they do

Where?? dunno.gif

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I just pulled a throttle body off a motor here at work and there in NO restrictor in them.

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Thats what i thought.

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