202 Or V8 - advice needed please  

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Post #1 post 19th December 2006 - 02:20 PM
A mate of mine and I were talking last night about 6 vs. V8.

Now, my panel van is for cruising down the coast, going up bush, towing a trailer/boat, it's never going to be a show car...

Now I thought a 6 would be able to do all this but my friend reckons that only a V8 will do (ie 253 or 308).

Could I get peoples opinions on this? I would prefer to stay 202, and mod it and get it running straight gas - the only other option is V8 but there is no way I could afford the gas conversion on it till 2008/2009.

Peoples opinions would be appreciated...
The Pupat
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Never Late in a 308.

Post #3

V8s have a mile more torque, they're built for dragging boat trailers behind them!

Also better for cruising down the highway as well!

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i belive the rebate is in effect now.

350 chev for the win !
253's put out around the same as most rolla motors.
308's aren't awesome either

but if u want a 6 then u can't go past a tripple carb 186

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Always late in an old v8

Post #6

A 202 will do the job fine. A 253 or 308 will do the job easiler though.

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my bedford van with an excelent cond 202 couldnt pull a car trailer.

so unless you have super low gears i'd steer clear of them

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yeah ok.... v8's are overrated

keep your 202 mate, it will do whatever you want it to do and much more, lets face it, the 253 is basically a 6 cylinder, and theyre slugs, and you wont be very impressed with a 308 unless you're pockets are deep enough to do some seious modifications, and if you have money to spend, then sell the car you have, and buy one already with a v8 if thats what you want to do, because the shit to do a bigger cylinder swap is unbelievable, and you have to put your car back over the pits, unless you plan on running illegaly.

and dont put it on gas.. at all. you will loose so much power, you dont get as far on a tank, and you will use gas alot quicker under towing conditions. if you cant afford the fuel, then get someone else to tow your trailer around, or pack your suit case buddy and hope you dont get caught in peak hour...

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