Where To Lower Car In Gold Coast?  

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Post #1 post 1st October 2003 - 09:03 PM
just wondering wat the cheapest place to lower a car on the gold coast is.
Not bodgy joints but. thanks
Post #2

cheap normally = bodgy

pay to get it done right

dont know the coast so cant help bro

Post #3

Get coil overs mate!!! Remember the best is often the cheapest in the long run!!!!
Is that really your A4 in the avatar. Doesn't need to be lowered!!!

Post #4

naa its not my car, i wish it was. do u know if mermaide suspension is any good?

Post #5

your garage and an angle grinder seems like a good place to me

Post #6

Just buy the lowered springs and do it yourself.

I bought my lowered King springs for $215 for the set of 4.
My friend helped me out heaps and we did it in an afternoon.
Took it in the following day for a wheel alignment - $88.

Total cost of lowering the car - $215 + $88 + 6pack of beer.

Post #7

you have an audi and u wana be cheap, i dont get it?

Post #8

king springs there on the coast

Post #9

i got king springs in mine done from them
they are out at molendiner at their factory

Post #10

MERMAID SUSPENSION is the best on the gold coast kym been in the business for many many yrs.

Thats who i use,great on prices too.

Hyper Knight
Post #11

dont get hard coilovers...mine are WAY to hard, and not good for road driving.

just get springs should do fine

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