The girls of Lexmark Indy 300 - QLD: Brisbane  

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Post #71

Whats the deal with bagging hot chicks. i would highy doubt it if any one of you would say no to anouchka be her blonde or brunette. They all relatively gorgeous in their own way. The chick with those mong glasses is a bit suspect, but its not like she wears them 24/7.

Accept ppl for who they are, not what they look like in 1 picture.

Post #72

miss indy for teh win !!!!!

lucky luke
Post #73

those girls are not the best sad.gif

Post #74

To everyone who has said bad things bout the girls in the pics
Go on i dare you, post some pics of yourself.
Why not post some pics of YOUR g/f.
let us comment on her.
Wake up to yourselves people. and keep your MEAN comments to yourself.
Everyone who had postive feedback. keep doing what your doing.

I would like to commend the ladies from Indy for getting out there and giving it a go, not afraid to get out and try to enjoy the atmosphere of Indy.

Post #75

QUOTE(`nigno @ Oct 26 2005, 09:40 AM)
Jax would fucking put the majority if not ALL of these girls to shame...... and quite frankly, I think im entitled to my opinion kthxbai.

I wasnt referring to Jax. She knows I wub her. rolleyes.gif
But Ben', you are a very unattractive man. tongue.gif

Post #76

the third pic looks like a fukn alian or sumtn

Post #77

Is this the girls of lexmark, or the uglies of lexmark i swear..... actually I wont say it, only like 2-3 hotties there, both in pic 2 are hot. thats all that was worthy of being posted

CSX 16
Post #78

QUOTE(the_g8keeper @ Oct 26 2005, 05:27 PM)
Whats the deal with bagging hot chicks.  i would highy doubt it if any one of you would say no to anouchka be her blonde or brunette.  They all relatively gorgeous in their own way.  The chick with those mong glasses is a bit suspect, but its not like she wears them 24/7.

Accept ppl for who they are, not what they look like in 1 picture.

Well obviously the two in the second photo are hot. People are talking about the rest of the photos after the second one.

I suppose it must be difficult to attract decent girls if they have to put up with a whole lot of shit just for their $25 an hour.

VLT 11
Post #79

meh... the standards certainly have dropped heaps over the last few years!!!

all you need these days is to be size 10 to do promo!

Post #80

should be a both where they have too walk though, similiar too a coke bottle, but thinner at the waist.

And how come rycegirl wasnt promo'ing ;P

Post #81

At the end of the day I think most guys wud S--G any one of those girls, given half a chance bowrofl.gif

Post #82

All these girls are hot!!...even the alien looking one 3rd one down ..

Post #83

Dayna (1st) pic is beautiful, with a personality to match! Gorgeous person.

Just because they aren't as pretty as you like, doesn't mean they're not beautiful people. Give them a chance and stop being such hypocrites. Not everyone is perfect smile.gif

Post #84

nice tatt smile.gif

Post #85

chick in pic 6 looks so familiar but i cant figure out why dunno.gif

First and 2nd pics are the best. Chick in 5th pic does have awesome eyes...actually reminds me of my ex.

Maybe the standard is down a little but i think all of those girls could look really good in different clothes/pictures smile.gif

Post #86


nothing beats them!!!!

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Post #87

QUOTE(MagnaMan @ Oct 25 2005, 03:37 PM)
if thats you in the second pic on the right i'd say ur pretty good looking

id go out with you dunno.gif


and the 6th chick is hot!!

Post #88

QUOTE(Zoixy @ Oct 27 2005, 01:25 PM)
And how come rycegirl wasnt promo'ing ;P

What the hell for - so i could be grabbed, demeaned and pissed off?

No thank you. Theres enough girls out there willing to do that shit - let them do it.

Team Mayhem Rider - if pictures had personalities and promo chicks didn't have to be good looking to get attention - I'm sure everyone would give them a chance.

Its all about the tits n ass.

Post #89

whats up with the ugly girls? seriously everyone of them bar the first 2 pics are offensively ugly!

Post #90

Girls!!!! Please for the love of god, ask your boyfreind or brother at least what the new sunny's you want to buy looks like on you, cos, Dam!!! those big ugly glasses girls are wearing nowaday are Hidious!!!.

Girl in second pics got my vote, very nice.

Post #91

QUOTE(the_turbo_shop @ Oct 28 2005, 03:50 PM)
whats up with the ugly girls? seriously everyone of them bar the first 2 pics are offensively ugly!

Thats a pretty big call. How bout u post a pic of u or your gf, and lets see how good looking you are.

Post #92

nastysteve, nice pics biggrin.gif

Post #93

got any good pic, and is it just me or in pic 3 do her sunnies cover half her face and her mouth cover the rest

Post #94

anyone see taht gorgeous bird from pic 6 promoing for JB today? Could bent her over and................

Growl to her wink.gif

Post #95

hahah oh dear, picture #3 is worth a thousand goofy smiles

Post #96

fourth chick needs to use colgate

Post #97

first two pics are ok, then its all downhill from there ugh.gif

Post #98

the_g8keeper: never said im anything to look at but then im not entering beauty/bikini contests, nor do i work as a promo model...unlike the girls in the pics. as i said the first 2 pics and in my opinion especially the brunette in the second pic, are fine.....but seriously pic number 3 looks like some mean characiture from the newspaper cartoonist, number 4 is sorta a cross between a viking woman and a mad magazine drawing with a seriously f__ked up set of teeth/mouth, number 5 could rent her head for bill board space...and the last 2 pics...not ugly just nothing special. point being you use attractive girls for promo stuff....why and how did those 3 get chosen.

Post #99

ill tap them with all eight fingers tongue.gif one per girl ...#3 misses out cos shes a mole hahaha..unlucky bowrofl.gif the three gurls at the start get first preference, cos they are damn hot...and definately those JB gurls eek.gif

Post #100

[FONT=Arial]]I'm sure all these girls had a big weekend facesjump.gif i know i did! and if number 3 took those sunglasses off (or maybe chose a smaller pair) im sure if most of you guys had of passed her you would have looked. Not everyone likes fake tits, blonde hair extensions and spraytans :dunno:

Post #101

QUOTE(WREX @ Oct 25 2005, 07:19 PM)
What a fucking joke...those girls aren't even hot.

I'd put up a pic of my girlfriend who danced in the Indy parade and at the miss indy finals she smokes any of those girls BUT i know that u would all go and have a wop over her...

Point being the MAJORITY of promo chicks this year were nasty fat skanks who got paid shit all to walk around in limited clothing, but then again most guys had beer goggles on and probly didn't car.

cool.gif this guy is so cool wacko.gif all the chicks there have something going for them so be careful up there on your high horse coz someone might knock u down Moony.gif

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