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Post #1 post 23rd August 2014 - 03:14 PM
I'm getting -2 new messages in the control bar. I dont know if this is causing issues getting new messages or what.
Post #2

Have you got anything for sale,might be Mcleods scam/fraud filters,deleting the messages

Post #3

No, got nothing for sale.

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It won't stop you from getting messages, no stress there, a little odd that it's showing a negative number though.

Are you having issues receiving messages, or is it just that it showing -2 is confusing?

Post #5

Insurance, insurance, insurance!

Post #6

I appear to have gotten a couple since then, and its gone back to 0 new messages. Was just showing -2. Then I got a message and it had said -1. Then I got another (I was buying a motorbike) and now it says 0.

Post #7

hopefully sorted itself out

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