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Post #1 post 13th April 2014 - 06:01 PM
Hi, I advertised my Caddy yesteday on Boost, this morning I had a reply, unfortunately as we sent emails back and forth it became obvious that this was not
a genuine enquiry. heres what our last emails said.. he was adamant that I open a paypal accnt. by this time I was very wary.

Hi , I do not have a paypal accnt, I do not want one, I do very little by computer, where did you see the ad?

How i wish to come and view it and come or send my agent by cash but am out of state now....i am a marine engineer sealing,am in a ship right now at Bermuda........due to the distance as i am in Bermuda presently..I can only make payment through this form of payment{PayPal} because i dont have access to my bank account online or any other form of payment as i dont have internet banking my bank a/c is attached to to my PayPal account, i will need you to give me your PayPal email address so i can make the payments asap and pls if you dont have PayPal account yet, it is very easy to set up, go to www.paypal.com.au and get it set up.I will need you to provide me with the following information to facilitate the Payment...Your(PayPal email)...With the issue of my details,transferring the name of ownership and signing of all paperwork will be done by the pick up agent so you don't have to worry about that.

Unfortunately I cannot find any guide tyo reporting this type of scam on `Boost`
perhaps someone can assist.
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we get these scammers all the time - you can expect them on a lot of online sites, my parents encountered a similar problem last week selling on Gumtree. there's nothing that the admins will be able to do if the person has contacted you offsite. however in the case that the person has contacted you here on boost, pm their user name to Mcleod and he'll investigate / ban the person's account.

normally you'd post in this section.........


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God,they don't give up do they,have'nt even had time to concoct a new bullshit story line
Pretty much as Alpha said,let Mcleod,or one of his team know,here's another scam dedicated thread that's in feedback

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Unfortunately these things do happen, however if the first contact was via a Private Message than could you please use the 'Report' option towards the top of the message body?

That will bring site admin's attention to it and action can be taken wherever possible.

Thank you

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You are all correct, there are a lot of these people out there, we just have to be on our toes. Thanks

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QUOTE (weematt @ Apr 14 2014, 09:57 PM) *
You are all correct, there are a lot of these people out there, we just have to be on our toes. Thanks

To be honest a normal person doesn't have to be on their toes. Its pretty easy to pick as a scam from a mile away. Plus I think everyone who has ever tried to sell any car, boat, motorbike etc receives a few each time.

Mc does a good job of banning their emails/accoun making it that little bit harder for them to piss you off.

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I find it humorous that this same topic keeps being posted, like it's the first time to be discovered.

Anyone with intelligence can see the reply is barely written in legible english and the whole premise of the deal is dubious.

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