Vt Commo Engine Mount Replacement  

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Post #1 post 25th April 2011 - 07:44 PM
Hey just got a quick question... if changing the engine mounts on a vt commodore 97 model a prick to do or not really??? Is there any tricks to the trade that i should know before i tackle this.. As i dont see in paying some mechanic like $500ish for two mounts and put in....

Any advise will be great cheers
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If you dont have much experience, then yes get the mechanic to do it as it sucks arse.

The Engine Mounts will either go in 1st go, or will take ages!

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easy as piss

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as w1nt3r said . pay a mechanic.
they are a bit of a bugger to do without a host and some custome made spaners .

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when i last done a set for a mate we had to modify a spanner to do it but not to bad really

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piece of piss, its pretty self explanitory, just have a look, your average joe that is slightly mechanically inclined should be able to figure it out

Manic 180
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if your mechanically minded go for it. If not pay someone else.

Adam's Pit Stop
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i'll do em, pm me if u want em done well

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piece of piss, bend a 15mm ring ended spanner at about a quater back from the ring, undo all nuts in place, get a jack peice of wood on top of jack, jack up on sump to raise engine dont go to crazy, the sump can handle a fair bit, just dont go mental, take note which way the mounts are facing, the engine should be able to be lifted around 2" or 3" and mounts should just fall out. bit of fiddle to get them in and out, with the new new ones i found it was easier to bolt to the engine side first, lower the engine down, then just walk them in one side at a time, with a pry bar

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VZ Engine mounts (different motor same concept) were one of the worst pains in the ass I have ever had, but the mounts in my old VL were piss easy, as said above, they go in first time or you have a f**ked time

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just use zip ties , its a commodore

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Adam's Pit Stop
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could of done it heaps cheaper mate, in the future if u need any thing done give me a call @ Adam's pit stop , pm 4 my ph or u can find me in the yellow pages.cheers

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