Garret M24 ? - anyone know details?  

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Post #1 post 2nd September 2004 - 10:48 PM
hey, im just wondering if anyone here knows anything about this m24 turbo ive got siting here.. its got M24 Garrett a/r 48 on the front.. ive asked a few mates and they dont know what it came from etc..

id like to find out if it spools up quickly on low boost smile.gif its going onto a G13B swift motor by the way, hoping to run about 8 psi

thx smile.gif
Post #2

All i can tell you is that they are small from what i've been told... And someone mentioned a few months back that they are very resonsive in the low rev range and provide good low end torque but, they run out of puff just as quickly...

Byt yeh.. I dont know from personal experience, so i may be wrong all together.. Who knows.... wacko.gif


Post #3

m24 is also refferd to as a T3 impretty sure, 700hp rateing or some crap..... comes off a SR20 DET....

as to the truth of that i dunno it came off google

Post #4

thanks, t3 huh smile.gif


Post #5

i think that u will find that "m24" is a stamp garrett put on there compressor housings... post a pic so we can see what it looks like

Post #6

Yeah its just a stamp.
I have seen it before but can't remember exactly what size turbo it came from.
Early 300zx single turbo's? T3.
Fixxxer smile.gif

Post #7

I know that my T28 had M24 Stamped on it... i guess all you can do is take a picture and post it up on here...

V8 Dave
Post #8

I know that My GT35R has M24 stamped on it
I know my Old 45v2 RB20DET turbo had M24 stamped on it
I know my mate has 2 turbos, a T25 and a T28 both with M24 Stamped on it

It means squat in relation to turbo size... and calling it a 700hp based on M24 wacko.gif

Post #9

m24 is just the compressor cover pretty much im pretty sre that ar48 is a t25 they use m24 covers on alot of nissan turbo's from t25 to t28 im pretty sure ar 48 is a t25 from s13 ca18det ar 60 is a t25g from s13 sr20det ar80 is t28 from s14 etc

im pretty sure about these ar's not 100% but what you there is a t25 will spool up early

Post #10

no standard turbo to come off an sr20 will push 700hp and the biggest turbo they came out with was the t28 on the gti-r not a t3 with will support around 320hp

Reid Kinsela
Post #11

I got a turbo that says m24 garret and it came off a diesel Mazda truck anyone know if I can put it on a n13 fuel injectec Nissan pulsar engine

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QUOTE (Reid Kinsela @ Aug 9 2016, 06:23 PM) *
I got a turbo that says m24 garret and it came off a diesel Mazda truck anyone know if I can put it on a n13 fuel injectec Nissan pulsar engine

Diesel turbos have a low rpm operating range. It should start boosting fairly low in the RPM range and run out of puff fairly early.

That would suit me, I like low rpm torque.

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