Barina Sb 98 Thermostat  

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Post #1 post 18th April 2009 - 05:00 PM
Where is it. Iam trying to keep my self in denial as iam thinking its behind the timming belt covers, but i dont realy wanna have take the t-belt off just to change a thermostat

Anyone got some info?
Post #2

Look where your top radiator hose goes into the head.

Post #3

Its a opel engine,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, its backwards and just fucking abnormal
iam a motor mechanic by trade ive got a fair idea that its a complet housing behind the timming belt, But as said iam in denial and dont wanna think that lol, Cos its gonna be a complet @#$! to to and expensive as i may aswell do a t-belt while iam there. and i could garantee it would need a water pump

Being opel its all fucking backwards euro shit. odd ball sizes and fucking security socket bolts

Repco quoted me $156 when i asked for a thermostat and it came up thermostat housing assembly on his computer with no option to select a common thermostat like normal cars have

Post #4

Yeah, its behind the timing belt from memory. Worst odd ball position of all for a thermostat. However, are you sure it is not under the dizzy?

Post #5

*lets out a groan*
FFS it would be easyer just buy a second hand engine
there is no dizzy its elec ignition. coil packs are on the right hand side of the rocker cover.
You trying to play silly games on me.
Fuck it i'll just quote em a t-belt and 5 hours labour plus fluids

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