Nissan Pulsar Automatic Transmission Problems - Diagnosis and common issues.  

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Post #1 post 24th November 2015 - 06:58 PM
When it comes to automatic transmission issues with Nissan Pulsars, it depends on what model / era of vehicle, but I'll cover a few different generations of Nissan Pulsars in this article.

The first and most obviously (to a mechanic at least) thing to check is the transmission oil, it could very well be that it's never been changed (or hasn't been changed for a long time) and you just need to top it up. This is particularly likely if it's been getting noisy / whining whilst driving.

However, if the problem you're experiencing is a harsh jolting motion when applying the throttle from a stationary position, either forward or reverse, then it's quite possible that worn (or broken) engine or gearbox mounts are your culprit. You wouldn't expect engine issues to be too violent in terms of feel, so a jolt feeling when starting or shifting under load is likely related to the engine/gearbox mounts. Another possibility is that there is something wrong with the suspension or with the torque converter, but these are less likely.

As for other problems that might feel related to the automatic transmission, is when you take off the engine revs up to 2000-3000rpm and it will sort of jump/jolt in a noticeable fashion but not particularly violent. This particular problem may come down to the the N16 range are commonly known to stretch the timing chain/belt after a lot of kilometres... another common problem is the CAS ( Crank Angle Sensor) is a common fault too (pre june 2002).

So if you have an old car, remember that keeping an eye on the fluids is a neccessity, engine oil, transmission oil, coolant, etc.. also remember that most cars also have a habit of burning through engine oil after about 100,000k's and will start drinking it like petrol by 150,000k's due to worn piston rings, which is an expensive fix, so many people will just keep topping up the oil until it becomes a real problem.

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Hi i have a 2002 nissan pulsar hatch with 270,000 kms on the clock i have new battery in it and it starts but engine starts to shake cough and spit like going to die would this be angle crank sensor or fuel pump or alternator i bought car as a project and already thrown too much money into it

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Work ive done changed the oil oil filter air filter spark plugs catlic converter full exhaust changed changed all four tyres replaced exhaust as previous has holes in it also was having a problem when u drove would free rev like something slipping in transmission not engadging changed transmission oil too any help appreciated thanks matt

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my daughters 2004 Nissan pulsar q sticks in 2nd & she has to stop the engine & start again.

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