Overheating Problems. - I need it fixed asap!!!!  

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Post #1 post 23rd December 2006 - 01:57 PM
hey guys.

I was just driving home from work lastnight on the highway when I notcied my cars temp has gone through the roof. I pulled over straight away to see my coolent boiling and blowing everywhere!!!!

I called the racq guy out cause I needed more coolent in the system to get me home, but then he noticed my cooling fan doesen't cut in when the car gets too hot. & I think my thermostat is destroyed & not letting coolent to my engine...
Does anyone know of any workshops open the week after xmas? or am I going to have to wait intill new years I want this problem fixed asap to get my car back on the road.

Thanks for any advice thumbsup.gif


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Most dealerships are open the week after xmas, (I have to go back to work sad.gif) But if it is your thermostat, its a fairly simple affair to replace. Take you maybe 15mins.

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Option 1 Garage
7 Remora Rd
Hamilton 4007
3268 1113


Good luck smile.gif

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thanks. option 1 garage is a option but it's to far to drive with no cooling system only a air con fan keeping the cars temp drivable. I would love to tow it but Iam too low & we have tryed before and the front or rear bar has to come off to get to the tow hook & it will destroy my kit. but anyways i hope it's just a thermostat. But the weird thing is that my therom fan doesen't cut in at all to cool the car. it just lets the csar overheat.

It the fan sensor corrected to the therostat to let it kow when to switch on???

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No thermostat has no power going to it..
It opens when it heats up to a certain degree.

You're relay could be busted in the fuse box in the engine bay (Big relays).

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Nothing weird about it.

If the thermostat isn't working, then the fan has no clue what temperature the engine is, and therefore won't turn on. In the most untechnical terms, the sensor for the fan simply sits there until the set temperature pops up from the thermostat, when it sees that it turns on the fan on. When the temperature goes below, it turns the fan off.

As obrim has said though, it's a piss easy job that'll take no time. If you can get your hand on a new/secondhand thermostat, you can easily do it yourself (provided you actually have a clue as to where it is).


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QUOTE(35NIK @ Dec 23 2006, 01:57 PM) [snapback]1280605776[/snapback]

I called the racq guy out cause I needed more coolent in the system to get me home, but then he noticed my cooling fan doesen't cut in when the car gets too hot. & I think my thermostat is destroyed & not letting coolent to my engine...

The thermostat lets coolent outta the motor, not in. Thermostat opens at around 82 degrees.

It really depends on how your thermo fan runs. They can be electric, set off by a sensor when it gets to a certain temp, or more commonly by a spiral that expands as the engines temp increases until it catches on a spinning thing and engages your thermo fan.

Put coolant and water in your motor, drive around with your heater on (as the heat from the heater is drawn from the coolant) and your windows down unless you like sauna's.

But like you says, you were on the high way when this happened, so it wouldn't be the thermo that's the problem (it is a problem, but not the original problem). What I'd be doing is either putting some chemi-weld in the system and/or replacing your radiator hoses and radiator cap, changin' your thermostat (cos that may be the problem (ie not letting the hot water out of the engine block to be cooled by the radiator).... and then if that doesn't work, replace your radiator......

Then take it to a mechanic if it's still being a jerk.

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Or you can just take the thermostat out for the time being.

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yeah thats what I have done ^^^. The car is fine but i want to get this problem fixed asap.

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If the fans arent cutting in, I'd suggest replacing the temp sender switch (1 of maybe 2 close to the thermostat on the inlet manifold).Whether or not the thermostat is functioning the fans should stil cut in.

Temp sender switch: This switch is a computer controlled device, once the coolant reaches a certain temp, it send a signal to the computer and the computer activates the fans. (correst me if im wrong, im no Honda mechanic but this is how it works on my car).

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sence it's been off the road it's given me time to pull of the whole body kit also & fix up the cracks laugh.gif &
Yeah it's still heating up too way to quickly, when My workshop opens again for the new years it going in for it's service & fixing this problem & I might even rebuild the head( cause I want to pollsish the head & I got the money facesjump.gif )

Thanks for all ur help.

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