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Post #1 post 22nd December 2006 - 06:18 PM
Hey guys, im just wondering how do i get more air flow onto my 1.5 lancer engine, its a carby. i just cant see how to put a pod filter on. does ne 1 have ne ideas, much appriciated.

Thx Kyle
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get a peice of flexi pipe,use sum 100mile an hour and a hose clamp 2 attach it to the carby intake run it out the front of ur front bodykit,and tape sum mesh onto teh uther end 2 stop bugs getting in,easy

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carbys n pod filters really dont like eacother man. 2 cheap dodgey ways i can think of wuld be to take a nice big drill bit and turn the cover of ur filter into metallic swiss cheese... the second way i can think of is to leave ur cover alone and use some vacume cleaner hose to duct cold air in from the bodykit (if you seal it up properly u may even be able to get pressurised air flowing through)
hope that helps

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yeah man thanks, alot.


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