Stage 1 Boost Controller Gfb - Insallation  

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Post #1 post 11th October 2003 - 07:26 AM
Hey all ...yesterday i bought a GFB stage 1 boost controller... been only new to the wonderful turbo world , i am not toooo up with it to install it .... i mean i know what i have to do ... but i can't seem to be sure where the where the wastegate actuator is and i am not to sure which line to install it too ..... I have a KF2 Tx3 awd Turbo .... so if anyone who knows these motors or anything about boost controllers could help me , it will be much appreciated .... thanks ...

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the actuator is the little gold thing that sit of the side of the turbo with a rod coming out of it and the hose that joins onto it is where u should be installing it in....i'm no guru but the instructions should help out a fair bit.......

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just look for a rubber hose going into the turbo mate, cut it and install the bleed valve (boost controller) like it says in the instructions...
make sure you have a boost gauge when your installing this otherwise it can turn to shit pretty damn quick hehehe...

and make sure you install the boost contoller the way it says, there should be one side getting the feed and one side going into the wastegate actuator, if you fuck this up you will be boosting alot, and probably blow the turbo or engine if your not carefull...

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