Arrrgghhh Lost My Only Key! - What to do??  

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Post #1 post 22nd December 2006 - 06:42 PM
Hey I've Got 1996 Holden Barina... lost the dam key today... have turned the house upside down and can't find it

What do i do to get another one???

Is there usually a key code on the car of owners manual somewhere???

Should I call Holden??

Should i take an exterior lock to a locksmith??

Any help would be great!!!
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your fucked .......thats what ya are tongue.gif

ontopic : get a mobile locksmith to come out,
option 2 is book a towtruck to take it to a mechanics and they will remove the existing barrel and install a new one
option 3 : do the same as a mechanic will and save ya self hundreds

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the drivers side door lock will have a key code on it, take it to a locksmith and they will be able to cut a key for you, im pritty sure your year model does not have the factory immobelizer but whe you get the key cut ask the locksmith
the door locks are really easy to take out so i wouldent bother paying them to do it
this is the best and cheapest option

speed racer
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take the ignition barrell out and get a key cut.

or you may even want to replace all the locks if your worried someone has your key and could steal your car.

Or you could call holden and ask for a key code maybe?

Is there any chance you have locked the keys in the car?

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to take the ignition out you need the key, the door lock is alot easier and should have the key code stamped on it, holden should have the code on record, all they need is the vin number but alot of the time they dont like to help with things like this

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dont take the ignition out, you need the key to get the barrel out
holden do have the key code but dont always liketo give them out

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my misses needed a new key as the old one was a copied one which she got with the car and it wasnt working properly, we took it to toyota and 15mins later a brand new key. they keyed it off the numbers on the ignition barrel i believe. Take the car to holden (via tow truck or take the barrel out) and get it done as they will have the serial number for your car so they can cut a perfect key. FYI the toyota key cost $40

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mate lost mine out on the piss last month break in remove door trim pop the one c clip holding door lock in and take to lock smith and he ll cut you a new key from from quickly stripping the lock down. Cost me $22.50 for 2 keys cheap and fkn easy dont tow it mate ring racq to come open it say keys are in the boot they open you cant find them, they leave. I ve done it before!

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invest in a brick

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