1990 Corolla - Lowering  

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Post #1 post 22nd December 2006 - 11:26 AM
Hi guys just wondering what would be the best way to lower my 90 model Corolla. I've called pedders and was told that I would need Coilovers which are around $650 for my car which will only lower it 30-40mm. I was hoping for more. I've seen alot of people get king springs but i dont know where from and how much they are. Please help.

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King Springs available from pretty much any suspension or wheel shop. Price varies dependant on the type of spring (Low, Superlow etc).

It will also be recommended you get new shocks matched to the springs.


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PM sent mate...

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Then click Tech
Then click, "Guide to swapping AE92 coil springs "

or this: http://www.rollamods.com/springswap.htm (but you will see more interesting stuff if you go the long way around.

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