Fc Coil Overs Into 929 Hbshe - is it possible...  

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Post #1 post 21st December 2006 - 07:23 PM
Im currently doing some research into HBSHE 929's as im looking at owning one again. Im not gonna explain why, thats just too hard..

Ive spent the last 4 hours looking for information on fitting FC rx7 coil overs into it. I have done searches on Ausrotor, google, 3rotor and several other sites/search engines without any luck.

I know this has been done before because i remember reading a old copy of Fast fours that had a red hb cosmo (basicly the same car but with rotary) that was set up for the track. It was fitted with FC coilovers but what i want to know was if it was just the front or front and back, also if there was any mods to the hubs to fit them or if they used FC hubs instead..

Actually if you can use the FC hubs in the 929 that would be of great benifit as i could use the FC breaks and other aftermarket suspension conponents like adjustable caster rods..

While im at it, does anyone know if the Diff centers are interchangable between the FC and 929 (there both IRS).

I would try to find the magazine the HB cosmo was in but it gonna take a while as i have a HUGE magazine collection..

thanks in advance


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Post #2

ive posted this on ausrotor aswell..

Post #3

I believe they are a fairly basic fitment in that they basically just bolt in, BUT that they lower the car very dramatically, to the point of it being too low on even the highest settings. I recall reading this on Ausrotary somewhere, so by searching and posting there you should find your answer.

Post #4

ok cool.. too low isnt really a problem as i can easily fix that with spacers... but at least i have had someone confirm that they do fit..

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