Swapping Vs Ute Non Tacho Cluster With Vs Tacho Cluster - can this be done????  

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Post #1 post 20th December 2006 - 10:07 PM
can this be done i have a vs ute and i find it very annoying not having a tacho can i change the cluster to one that has a tacho or just buy a seperate tacho and if i buy a sperate one what brand is best ( i onli wnat a smallish one )

cheers slicvs

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never done a swap. if its like the other holden Pcars then I would say yes. try and see. you will only blow a fuse or two or if you are handy with a pen pull yours out and note the wiring colors then find a similar one with tach and do the same.

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All the wiring is displayed on the back of the cluster.

A genuine cluster may swap out, but if it did it would have to be the same year and model(some of the other models have different wiring configurations)

The Spak utes came standard with the factory tachometer.

If your looking at an aftermarket tacho, you will need to tap into the TACH SIG wire which may or may not be displayed on the back of your original cluster.

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yeah its actually a really easy swap. did it with my vp wagon. if you just want the tacho in the cluster, go to the wreckers or ebay grab a level 2 cluster (level 1 is fuel speedo and temp, level 2 is tacho speedo fuel and temp and level 3 has the digital things at the bottom as well which requires something else to be done i cant remember what). theres 4 screw to take out, then the dash and surrounds should lift out (after disconnecting a couple of plugs) and teh new dash fits back in, using the same wires. then just put your surrounds back on and screw back in! and it shoudl work fine unless it was already broken. make sure u get the cluster from a similar car (vr vs, and dont swap a v6 one for a v8 one etc cos theyll be out)

hope that helps!

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