Invert Mounted Subs - yes i searched and i know its been covered b4 but..  

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Post #1 post 14th November 2006 - 02:38 AM
what are the best subs for this setup ?

i havent found a sub that didnt sound better with a box, but i really need a decent "free air" mounted sub.
size isn't really an issue.
i'm after replies from ppl who have actually used these and got decent results.

thanks ppl


Thanks to;lloyd smith and his family for being so supportive and helpful.
Also my mates who have been super helpful and always willing to help me out ! i'm more than happy to return the favour !

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Post #2

um inverting a sub makes hardly any difference. It shifts the phase by 180 degrees which may help the sub blend in with your front stage. This can also by changed by just switching the positive and negative.

when you invert a sub the only other thing that changes is the internal volume of the sub box.

No sub is specifically designed to be mounted with the magnet outside of the box.

Inverted is very different from free air. Free air or infinite baffel is where there entire boot acts as sub box, the boot has to be completley sealed from the outside and the cabin for it to work well. Subs that suite IB setups are ones that have a high Qts (theile small parameter) of greater than 0.7

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