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Post #1 post 13th November 2006 - 10:27 PM

I have plans to fit a 1G-GTE (old supra engine) into a 1979 RA40 celica.

What I need to acquire is the knowledge of how I will have to modify my engine bay to accomodate a 6 cylinder engine into a 4 cylinder bay. If anyone has ever performed this conversion before, or knows of anyone who has, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, if any of you know the sort of replacements and upgrades for mechanicals such as brakes, suspension, transmission, differential, gearbox & electrical required to accomodate the almost doubled horsepower that will be going into this vehicle it would be wonderful to get your advice and ideas.


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Hey Nick,
Have done this conversion into a RA28 Celica. Not too bad to do. Well worth the effort! Car is presently off the road due to engine rebuild and turbo hi-flow. Be interesting to c once it's back on the road. I can be contacted at Autofix.com.au and i'd be glad to help any way I can. That website has a photo of the celica on the frontpage. The guy that owns it lives about two minutes away from me so any photos you may want (or need!) will b too easy. Cheers

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try www.toymods.org.au
i had an SA62 celica with a 1ggte motor it was awesome.

get as many aftermarket parts for the car the motor came out of and try and get them into ur car.

try and get the gen 3 1ggte motor its got the most power.
or i've heard u can get a gen 2 qnd get the cams injectors turbos and ecu from a gen 3 and it will make as much power as a gen 3.

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i strongly suggest that you have a look at toymods. they cover this exact subject in minute detail.

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In a nutshell, Toymods forums can help.

You need to modify crossmember and mounts.

Hilux brakes, peugeot discs and corona struts will go on.
Transmission you can't go past a w58. Haven't broken mine yet.
A member has bolted an old MX13 live axle fitted with an MA61 LSD for the diff.

If you join, search and you will find.

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Thanks a heap guys, I had a look at joining Toymods, but can't afford the membership fee at the moment. I understand that you can look at the modifications section even unregistered, but none of the modifications are for an RA40 celica, though i'm getting the distinct feeling that doesn't matter.

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its free to sign up to the forum tho.

try the old forum link

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I have come accross a cheap 18R-GEU, and i would like to know if it is possible to turbo it, and if so, with what turbo?

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QUOTE(Nick_RA40 @ Nov 22 2006, 03:12 PM) [snapback]1280496045[/snapback]

I have come accross a cheap 18R-GEU, and i would like to know if it is possible to turbo it, and if so, with what turbo?

Alot of work will need to go into turboing an 18rg. Its really not worth it for bang for buck. but would be cool if u want to be different. You'll need to upgrade the internals to take a turbo and alot of custom work will need to be done. and u still wont be making a great load of power.

1ggte would be the way to go cos u'd be making way more power for way less effort.

Can u please let me know where i can get the 18rgeu tho? i'm not planning on performance and wud like to put an 18rgeu in my ra23 celica but cant find one sad.gif. please pm me the details!!

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