Painted Tail Lights - DIY Altezza Alternative  

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Post #1 post 8th January 2006 - 02:57 PM
this is what boredom does to you. i painted my tail lights on my 04 accent one afternoon due to the lack of Altezza Clear Tailights for my model.

step one, remove tail light and mask areas not to be painted using masking or packing tape. Use thinner tape around any curves for a sharp finish. the removal was simple enough, just opening the hatch and unscrewing the light, then it just fell out. unclip the bulb wires, remembering which one whent where.

then using a spray can of plastic trim primer from any auto shop like supercheap, or auto one. lay down some coats, keeping them thin, it's better to do more thin coats than one thick one, (better finish). after which i followed with a can of spray paint that matched my paint code, (mixed at Auto 1).

when dry, apply top coat clear, (or similar) spray paint and remove masking tape. clean any edges that are not straight, and re-install.

there it is installed. it looks better than it was, but i have yet to clean the edges properly. don't wash the car for a day or so until it has set properly.

it will do untill i can find Altezza style lights for my make.
opinions please..

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Post #2

one thing i would have use 3m fine line tape to do all the edges and that would have givin you razor sharp edges and no need to clean them up after

Post #3

looks nice man, good job

Post #4

That looks good - well done!

Post #5

well done!! my opinion they look better than the altezzas. At least yours are original one of a kind, cool!!!!!!

Post #6

Yeah ALteza'a are so overdone now

Post #7

you are telling me mate - every bloody honda i see has them!!

Post #8

Thats well done mate.

fat tony
Post #9

damn that looks good didn't Know it could be that easy. and it looks alot better than altezers

Post #10



Post #11

Haha! Holy shit, that looks brilliant. Great idea mate, don't even contemplate Altezza's now, I wouldn't change that a bit. Awesome facesjump.gif

Mr b16
Post #12

dont agree with that honda comment - but meh over it.

nice work looks pretty good mate

Post #13

Awsome idea looks great also you think you could aply this to other cars and have it look as good?? Maybe como's


Post #14

very well done mate, good job with the lights..

Post #15

For the record, I have been flicking through old Hot 4s mags, and there are at least 2 Accent's with Altezza lights, so they are definitely available tongue.gif

However, this looks much better thumbsup.gif

Post #16

looks great! im planning on doing this to my n14 SSS... for some originality ... especially considering they dont make the rear clear tails for the N14 either! great work bud

Bosnian Lurva
Post #17

That does look good!

Awesome job! And who thought boredom pays off once in a while...

Lancers = clear lights

Post #18

yeah my mate has lancer gli with altezza lights

Brett R
Post #19

looks better than altezza lights......more car has altezza than does not have altezza. eg. lancers look better with stock tail lights because 70% have clear. if i had mazda 6 or other car that come with clear lights i would get custom "non clear" tail lights for it. just my oppinion.

Post #20

ahh nice work they look great, might have to look into this for my car smile.gif

Post #21

looks kool but i dont think i wud do that to my car

Post #22

looks good nice work

Post #23

looks good man

Post #24

looks good mate, im waiting see somebody put s sticker on to mask it so they get text or graphics on their lights
free idea for anybody doing a show car.

Post #25

You should put a clear coat on the whole light when you have cleaned the lines up so it won't scratch as easy and will remove some of the bump when you drag you fingers over the paint. Good idea man!
*looks over at the spare vk tail lights*

Post #26

i have since cleaned the edges up, and they look very sharp.

for an eaiser alternative, one could use vinyl stickers, not as permanent, and easily reversed.

Post #27

hi just wondering is this legal in QLD?

Post #28

looks really good...goodwork

Post #29

can't see why it isn't legal. (havent been picked on yet)

the lights are still visible, brake, indicator, reverse and the "reflective" bits. i just painted all the other red plastic lense.

Benny R,
Post #30

awesome idea mate looks really good, pretty cheap way of doing it rather than buying new tail lights

Post #31

i like that, im goin straight to my tail lights now haha

Post #32

Looks good dude, Well done.

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