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Do not adjust the steering wheel position while driving. After adjusting the steering wheel position, make sure it is securely locked in place by "rocking" it up and down slightly.

Main Menust Windshield Wipers/Washer/Defogger

Windshield Wipers Switch the wipers to INT for inter- mittent operation; LO for low speed operation; and HI for high speed operation.

In fog or very light rain, push the lever down to the MIST position for temporary high speed operation of the wipers. The wipers will return to the rest position and the motor will shut off as soon as you release the lever.

Windshield Washer Pull the wiper switch lever toward you to turn on the washer. Check the washer fluid regularly, especially during bad weather or whenever the washer has been in frequent use.



Use a good quality commercial washer fluid for all-weather cleaning.


Do not use radiator antifreeze in the windshield washer; it will damage the paint. Do not use a vinegar/water combination in the windshield washer; it will damage the pump. Prolonged operation of the washer without fluid may damage the pump.

freezing weather, warm

the defrosters In before using the washer. This will help prevent icing which could seriously impair visibility.

the windshield with


(2.6 US qt , 2.2 Imp qt)

Main Menust Rear Window Wiper/Washer Switch to "ON" to activate the rear wiper. Turn and hold the switch one more step clockwise to " to activate the washer and wiper; or turn and hold the switch one step counterclockwise from "OFF" to activate the washer only. The rear washer uses the same fluid reser- voir as the front washer.





the switch

Rear Window Defogger Push the de- fogger on or off. The indicator will light when the defogger is on. The switch will turn off automat- ically 25 minutes after it is turned on.


CAUTION: When cleaning the inside of the rear window, be careful not to damage the printed heater wires on the rear window. Wipe the window horizontally along the wires, not up and down.

Main Menust Parking Brake and Mirrors

Parking Brake To apply the parking brake, pull up on the lever. To release it, pull up slightly, push the button, and lower the lever; when fully released, the BRAKE warning light will go out.

Pull up

Rearview Mirrors Keep the inside and outside mirrors clean and adjusted for best visibility. Be sure to adjust mirror angles before you start driving. The outside mirror can be adjusted by moving the knob on the inside of the driver's door.



The inside mirror has day and night positions. The night position re- duces glare from the headlights of vehicles behind you. Flip the small tab on the bottom of the mirror forward or backward to select day or night position.

Main Menust Turn Signals Push the turn signal lever down to signal a left turn, and up for a right turn. The indicator and appropriate signal lights will blink. The lever will return automatically to its original position when the steering wheel is returned to straight ahead.






For lane changing, you can signal by pushing the lever part way up or down (to the first stop) and holding it there; the lever will return to its original position when you release it. If either turn signal indicator lights up but does not blink, blinks faster than usual or does not light up at all, check for a burned out bulb or fuse.

Headlights Turn the light switch to the first position ( ) for taillights, side marker lights, position lights, license plate lights, and instrument panel lights. Turn to the second position (

) to add the headlights.



High Beam/Low Beam Switch The headlights may be switched between low beam and high beam by pulling lever towards you. The blue high beam indicator light will be on when the high beam is on.

turn signal


Headlight Flasher To flash the headlights, pull lightly on the turn signal lever and release.


Pull and release


Main Menust Lights (cont'd)

Hazard Warning System This system should be used only when your car is stopped under emergency or hazardous conditions. To activate, push the hazard warn- ing switch ( ). The front and rear turn signals will blink simultaneously and both indicator lights will flash. Push the switch ( ) again to turn the system off.

Panel Brightness Control When the light switch is in either of the two "ON" positions, the intensi- ty of the instrument lights can be adjusted by turning the panel bright- ness control dial.

Interior Light The interior light has a three posi- tion switch. The light is off all the time in the OFF position. In the mid- dle position, it goes on only when a door is opened. In the ON position, it is on all the time.





Main Menust Luggage Area Light The luggage area light has a two-position switch. In the first position it is OFF all the time, in the second position it goes ON only when the tailgate is opened.

Main Menust Hood and Glove Box

Hood To open, pull back on the handle under the left side of the dash.

Pull to release

The hood latch is spring-loaded, so the hood will pop up slightly. Release the safety catch under the front center of the hood by pushing the rubber-tipped handle up. Lift the hood and prop it open with the support rod. To close, take the support rod down, and return it to its clip , then lower the hood until it is approximately one foot from the closed position, then let it drop. Be sure the hood is securely latched before driving away.



Glove Box Open by pushing the knob as shown. Close with a firm push.

Do not drive the car with the glove box door open; it could cause injury in an accident.

Main Menust Cigarette Lighter and Ashtrays

Cigarette Lighter Push in to heat up. It will automati- cally release when the element is hot. DO NOT hold it in while it is heating up, it may overheat and damage the lighter and the heating element.


Front Ashtray Open the ashtray by pulling its bot- tom edge toward you. To remove it, pull it out further while pushing down on the spring loaded plate inside. To install, reverse the removal pro- cedure.


Rear Ashtray Open the ashtray by pulling its top edge. To remove it, open the ashtray and release its bottom edge by pulling up, then out. To install, reverse the removal procedure.

CAUTION: Do not use the ashtrays as trash containers; use them only for extinguished cigarettes. Putting lit cigarettes or matches in an ashtray with other combustible materials may cause a fire.

To remove, pull up and out

Main Menust Clock

Digital Clock The time is displayed continuously when the ignition is on. At all other times, push in on the lid to display the time. To adjust the time: 1. Lower the lid. 2. Push the minute button (MIN.) and hold it until the numbers advance to the desired minutes.

3. Push the hour button (HOUR) and hold it until the numbers advance to the desired hour.


4. The RESET button allows you to synchronize your clock to the closest hour. If the time on the clock is before the half hour, pressing the RESET button will return the time to the previous hour. If the time is beyond the half hour, the RESET button will change the time to the next hour.

NOTE: Be careful not to push the HOUR, MIN. or RESET buttons acciden- tally. Pushing any of them will change the clock's time setting.

Main Menust Heating and Cooling

The vents, heater and air conditioner are combined in one system; adjusting four basic controls to different settings can provide a full range of interior temperatures for safe and comfortable driving. Airconditioner: optional

Ventilation The flow-through ventilation system can provide fresh air to the interior when the car is moving or stopped, even with the windows closed.

NOTE: For proper air flow, the flow-through vents must not be covered. Keep the air inlet at the base of the windshield free of leaves or other debris.



You can adjust the controls to direct cool or warm outside air throughout the car for defogging windows, heating, or cooling. When stopped or driving at low speeds, you can increase the air flow by turning on the fan.


Main Menust Heating and Cooling (cont'd)

Dash Vents The corner vents can be used for flow-through ventilation, or for heating and air conditioning. When the car is moving, the driver's corner vent can also route fresh air directly from the outside by sliding the corner vent lever below it to the right and shutting it off from the heater and air conditioner system. The louvers in the corner and center vents can be tilted up or down and right or left, to change the direction of air flow.









Main Menust What the Controls Do:

Fan Switch Switch the fan to low (1), medium (2), medium high (3) or high (4) speed, to circulate warm, cool, or outside air, depending on where the temperature control dial and function lever are set. Whenever the fan is switched on, air flows from the dash corner vents regardless of function selection.

Function Lever Slide the lever right or left to direct outside air or recirculated (inside) air to and from the heater, air conditioner and vents.

Temperature Control Dial Turn the dial clockwise to make air warmer when the appropriate function is selected.

Air Conditioner Switch With the fan on, push the A/C switch to operate the air conditioner; the indicator light will come on. Push the switch again to turn the air conditioner off.


Recirculation Lever position, outside air will be al- When the lever is set at the lowed to circulate inside the car. When the lever is set at po- sition, outside air is shut off and the air inside the car is recirculated. If the heater or air conditioner is on and you want to warm up or cool down the interior more quickly, or keep smoke or dust out of the car without losing the heat or cool function, simply set the lever to the



Main Menust Heating and Cooling (cont'd)

NOTE: The windows may become fogged if the system is in the po- sition for an extended period of time with the air conditioner off. As soon as the interior is warmed, slide the lever to the posi- tion.

How to Use the Controls

To Ventilate Turn the temperature control dial counterclockwise, slide the recirculation lever to the position and the function lever to the position. Switch the fan on and outside air will flow through the corner and center vents. To change air distribution, slide the function lever to the position, and outside air will also flow from the floor level outlet at the heater.

To Cool (with optional air conditioner) To cool the car down quickly, slide the recirculation lever to the position, start the engine, turn the temperature control dial counterclockwise all the way, switch the fan to high ( 4 ), push the A/C button in, and open the window briefly. Then close the windows and corner vents, slide the function lever to the po- sition so inside air will recirculate to the air conditioner for maximum cooling.

position and the recirculation lever to the

When the interior has cooled sufficiently, switch the fan to low (1), medium (2) or medium high (3), then slide the recirculation lever to the the air conditioner.

(outside) air

to direct




Main Menust When using the air conditioner in heavy traffic, or while driving up long hills, watch the coolant temperature gauge: if the needle moves near the " H" end of the scale, turn the air conditioner off by pushing the A/C button; leave it off until the needle goes back into the middle of the scale.

To Heat Switch the fan on, turn the temperature control dial clockwise, slide the function lever to the position and the recirculation lever to the position, and warmed (outside) air will begin flowing from the floor outlets.