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OZ Audio Va2000.1 200AMP High Current Competition Class D &##9668;rare&

Airlie Beach QLD 4802 (Whitsundays)

OZ Audio Va2000.1 200AMP High Current Competition Class D &##9668;rare&
$899 Firm
This item was listed over six months ago, please confirm with the seller whether it is still available for sale.

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$ 899 Firm
blow off
over a month ago

Sellers Description

Oz Audio manufactures the best performing car audio products on the planet. In fact, we are the only company to ever achieve a perfect sound quality score through the International Auto Sound Competition Association (IASCA). Worldwide, we have a track record of winning 98% of all competitions, a feat no other manufacturer can claim. Come join the revolution. Bring your car audio listening experience to another world.

Oz have Designed, Engineered and Built a Incredibly Dynamic Range of Competition Winning High Current/Power Amplifiers to Complement Their Spectacular Speaker Range

Oz Audio VA2000.1





$2000 - Price List Attached

VA2000.1 - The definition of Pure Unadulterated Power, The VA2000.1 is a force to be Reckoned with over 2100wrms @ 1 ohm and 4000W peak and should not to be taken lightly. Combining this power with all the features of the VA700.1 Oz Amp this makes this Brute Equally Flexible and Installer Friendly. Capable of 4000WRMS+ and when strapped and an earth moving 8000W+ Peak

The VA2000.1 is designed for the Elite and Competition Savvy. Even in a Class-D Configuration with Efficiency that exceeds 75% (averaged 80-83%) this amplifier will draw upwards of 200 amps @ 12.5V, a testament to its guaranteed High Current/Power Output. During the Quality Control process these amplifiers benched an average of 2250Watts. Thats more than 10% free power to the end user. So why don't Oz market these amplifiers as 2200W amps or even 2500W amps as other companies would? Because at Oz Audio we believe in the old adage of it's better to under promise and over deliver than the other way around. Those trained by extensive competition and years of experience will understand that it takes power to make real power. This is not an amplifier for the faint of heart but those who take power and winning seriously.

You may not have heard of Oz Audio (USA Based), and to be honest they aren't that well known unless you have been around the Car Audio industry for a while and being Competition savvy (Sound Off's), but those who are familiar with

Oz Audio know that they made Excellent Award Winning Car Audio Products to Audiophile Standards.
Now is your limited chance to grab yourself some of this Old School, Rare, Great Sounding, Award Winning Audiophile Equipment which is in factory Unopened Boxes Never Used

About Oz Audio
Oz Audio was founded by both Audiophiles and Music Lovers, who set out to create the Best Sounding, Musical Car Speakers and Amplifiers on the Planet. Having decided to take a radical but at the same time adapting the technology to manufacture loudspeakers and amplifiers for home audio systems for car audio. Not saving money using all known laws of physics and acoustics, based on complex calculations and a scientific approach, Oz then created a series of Speakers and Amplifier's Named The Vector, Matrix and Power Series along with High Powered Amplifiers that reached the limit within Quality Car Audio.

The result exceeded the maximum set itself: on the perfection of sound specification of IASCA

Oz Audio's innovative approach to design and build the best car speakers and amplifiers exist in all their products which are manufactured by hand. Oz uses only the finest materials and quality sound components in their products. Each piece is individually designed according to strict standards, which are much more demanding of ALL other standard within the Industry.
Oz give thousands of man hours for testing each new product before it is released. That is why Oz Audio products took 98% of total Awards against any other manufacturer of loudspeakers and Amplifiers in all of the tests conducted by the car audio magazines around the world.

Manufacturing Statement
Oz Audio was founded on the premise of building the best sounding car audio products with the goal of having all the products have a maximum distortion of+/- 2dB. Oz Audio is based on real engineering. Oz's audio engineers designed each speaker with that goal in mind. All Oz Audio products are designed and engineered in Florida (USA). This includes complete cosmetic and performance design of each speaker. Oz's goal has always been about performance first and cosmetics second. This is why Oz Audio holds the only perfect sound quality score in the IASCA World Finals (Sound Offs) and why Oz Audio wins 98% of all competitions against other manufactures products. Oz hold patents on Matrix tweeters, surround patents on Matrix and Power Series subwoofers and cone attachment patents.
Oz Audio Products are produced in Florida, at their own factory. They do not employ ANY other outside manufacturers to build the products, Oz products are 100% Unique and Original and Differ from other manufacturer in the industry. Oz are the only US based car audio manufacturer that actually builds tweeters in the United States and winds its own voice coils for its own product. Sometimes our products might look Similar far away, but when you look closely you can see major differences in Cones, Baskets, Surrounds and Performance just to mention a Few.

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