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Hi i have a VR calais that had an unfortunate incident with a spruce pine,went through the rear windscreen end result is i need to replace the rear windscreen, i was told that a VN fitted so i got hold of one and it didn't, it was an inch too tall i then was told that a VS would fit but it didnt it was again an inch too tall, my friend measured... more
Started by retro1963
Hi, trying to decide whether to invest $600 on our old Kia Rio 2000 for a RWC then try and sell (. Plus update 6 months rego? ) or is it not worth it? If you sell ' as is' what could we expect? I've seen a few advertised for $1500- $2000. Car runs nicely, manual, duck a bit damaged in spots, low mileage. Otherwise - wreck... more
Started by judyfunder101
Hey guys i recently got a razor blade lodged in my 2002 Celica's tire. i have aftermarket Osaka rims, so i changed it to the spare rim, as far as i know its the stock Celica rim, i haven't had to change it since I've owned the car. once the wheel is on and fitted, there is no physical movement/wobbling. once i have lowered the car back ... more
Started by ben.9497732
Most people know Lexus is Toyota’s luxury arm, and that BMW owns Mini, but did you know Lamborghini is owned by Audi, which is run by Volkswagen? Or that Holden started off by making saddles? Below is the current status of every major car brand, as well as a snippet of its history and when it was founded. But, we all know that there's a massiv... more
Started by McLeod
Hi everyone! My Uncle has a Jaguar kit car with a Toyota R22 engine and manual gear box. Giving the size of the footwell, having a third pedal is makes the car difficult and uncomfortable to really drive. The idea is to replace the engine with a new engine and automatic transmission without major modifications. It needs to be rear wheel drive ... more
Started by tim_tamvo172
Hi guys, I am soon to be embarking on an R32 GTS-t RB25DET conversion which will be done in my driveway with a couple of mates. I have an R33 GTS-25t half cut on the way. My biggest problem is deciding on what engine management to choose and what wiring loom and harness to use. I have heard rumours that you can use the RB20DET wiring loom and har... more
Started by gtr90
Hi i have a van that apparently has had an oil leak problem for a while. fixing not the problem. But I don't want to leave an oil slick and kill any water life by doing it at home plus it is a big job. Whole underside of car plus engine bay. Is there anywhere that i can go and degrease it myself or pay to have it done. Cheers. more
Started by Get-N-it-right
When it comes to automatic transmission issues with Nissan Pulsars, it depends on what model / era of vehicle, but I'll cover a few different generations of Nissan Pulsars in this article. The first and most obviously (to a mechanic at least) thing to check is the transmission oil, it could very well be that it's never been changed (or has... more
Started by McLeod
EDIT: I have a new problem, the car won't fire when it is hot. It will turn over but won't start. It starts fine when cold. The coil was replaced last weekend with a Bosch GT40r(or something similar) & a universal ballist(spelling) resistor. Any ideas? Will I need a resistor that is more suited to the coil? Or could it be a complete dif... more
Started by rufio25
VP V6 Manual Gearbox Conversion Hey, i have a S2 VP V6 Auto, and a VN S2 Manual. Going to be putting the manual box in the VP. Now im all good with most of the conversion, but im unsure about the wiring, will i have to change the whole looms over? can i get away with just changing the wiring going to the gearbox? (Under centre console) and plugging... more
Started by W1NT3R
Hey guys, Ride: 2000 ae112r sportivo levin Just wondering if anyone has had any problems with there Corolla sportivo underload on boost it's just it has spark problems or blocked injector?? I have changed fuel filter, spark plugs, leads, dizzy cap, rotor button!!! I'm not sure but any help would be awsum!! Cheers fee... more
Started by N13boostteeser
I was curious regarding how u got a five studd patern on ur ute can u tell me what the bumper is off more
Started by Abt
  • a month ago
    Last by Abt
Hey guys I was wanting to get an idea roughly of what tyres and rim offset everyone runs on their n14 pulsars more
Started by Notoriouzhaj
hey guys. sold my vt the other day and bought a vz sv6. was just wondering whether i can keep my exhaust. i no the vz runs a twin system but was just wondering whether i can get it cut and a y piece welded in and run my exhaust i had on the vt. is the chassis structure the same for both cars. any help would be awesome\ cheers guys more
Started by Seary
Hi guys, I own a 2010 model FG Falcon 6speed Triptronic & am wondering if anyone can give me some tips on what i can buy or do it ( performance wise ) to get the most out of her.I am on my green P's so cant drive a turbo or ide already have a GT35/40 engine in her.. Any tips or suggestions would be awsome thankyou! more
Started by lukestewart93170
I want to start a conversion and just wanted to know if it is fairly straight forward as in mounts, cross member, ecu, box, shafts, diff? what i need for it to talk properly with BCM? more
Started by illusivity
It's a 1.3L 5 speed Manual. Beautiful Conditon, runs like a dream. Interior is immaculate. I thought why not try make something of it. So I'm looking for ideas on low cost mods that are the kind of thing I can do at home. Friends have suggested pod filter, springs, rims, sound system etc. Looking to invest a bit of money over 6 ... more
Started by shark.bait.huhahaines179
If you're driving your Honda Civic and you accelerate but the car revs but you aren't going any faster, then you're having troubles with your automatic transmission. Here's a good example of what it's all about: Unfortunately, it's a very common problem with Honda's between '99 and '04. In fact, more than half ... more
Started by McLeod
Hi, Just posting for hubby. He purchased a 64 Chev Impala SS with Hydraulics from W.A and being in NSW he needs a blueslip or now called Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection Scheme (AUVIS) inspection. We are in Newcastle and can't find anyone who deals with hydraulics. Anyone know anyone nearby, so he doesn't have to travel to Sydn... more
Started by hotgoss84101
help recently got superpro bushes fitted by selbys tuggerah into diff cradle within a month crossmember bolts came loosecar was all over road scared shit outa me went back and he refitted and realigned a few months later same thing happened only lot worse went around a corner wasn,t fast and clunk ripped out one remainig bolt drivers side inner... more
Started by mudchucka
  • 27th November 2016 - 04:25 PM
Trying to find a fwd box to go on 4g63t lancer Not sure what will fit more
Started by Tautz
  • 26th November 2016 - 05:04 PM
    Last by Tautz
Hi I have a 1999 Toyota hilux and wanting to lower it with 4 blocks but need the pin size dose anyone know what the size of the pin for that model cheers more
Started by Corey 101
  • 23rd November 2016 - 08:27 AM
Hi I have a 1999 Toyota hilux and wanting to lower it with 4 blocks but need the pin size dose anyone know what the size of the pin for that model cheers more
Started by Corey 101
Hey, Has anyone known of VK's with digital dashes having problems with their readings? Mine tells me i'm outta fuel when I've just filled up, tells me i'm low on coolant ALL the time when I'm not, my speedos WAY out (got a ticket doing 94 in a 60 zone ..and i wasn' really, my dash is rooted!), has anyone else... more
Started by kel_VK_Calais
hey guys, i have a vk calais,got a digital dash n stuff but the speedo dont work an the k's dont tick over.wondering if anyone knows if the most likely suspect could be a modulator?n where i can get in the hawkesbury so if any1 is from or near me would be better.and also is it hard to swap over to a mechanical dash. thanks more
Started by matts355
Can anyone please tell me what is required to obtain a Qld RWC in regard to airbags? I have heard that if a RWC hasn't been obtained and the vehicle is over 10 years old, you have to replace the airbags. I believe that the cost is around $3500. Can anyone enlighten me regarding this? more
Started by Milam
  • 21st November 2016 - 05:21 PM
    Last by Milam
iv got a 2007 VE Calais and i want to change the body kit to ssv/sv6 body kit, i know for the rear the calais has different tail lights and a diffuser so if i swap those things as well, is it pretty straight forward from there? and for the skirts and front can they just be swapped without any other modding? Thanks for the help more
Started by diondede
  • 21st November 2016 - 12:02 PM
Hi All, I have just purched a 2007 VE SV6 that has a HSVi plate under the bonnet with codes GPT and RPA on it and can't find anywhere what these codes mean? I have read previous threads about the code meanings on HSVi plates but none of them seem to have either of these codes. Has anyone heard of these? My car does have ... more
Started by BLS
  • 18th November 2016 - 12:50 PM
    Last by BLS
The restriction is basically maximum power to weight ratio of 130kW per tonne, which applies to all P Plate license holders in Queensland, NSW, Victoria and South Australia. This rule supercedes the old blanket rule of all turbo and V8 car's being banned. However, in Queensland, this new rule is only applies to vehicles manufactured after 201... more
Started by McLeod
  • 15th November 2016 - 03:52 PM
Hey guys i have a 1998 model subaru liberty heritage auto. It has a cracked head atm . I have a spare engine to head a head off . Im just woundering if u guys think its worth the time and effort to fix it.? more
Started by Drivesaranger
Started by JuStDaVe
  • 6th November 2016 - 02:06 AM
Hey guys, i have a 2001 model au falcon and im interested in putting in a turbo. Is it worth it or would i have to get an engine conversion. If it is worth it, is it a lot of work? and roughly how much cheers, dean more
Started by deano_413
I already own a G11R with new turbo (from Mira) and MR2 intercooler and extra boost with full exhaust upgrade. I have seen a few ideas on here about different ideas for efi conversations but no one has mentioned the full CB42 efi parts maybe even ecu. Anyone have an idea more
Started by mgr81101
  • 1st November 2016 - 08:55 PM
Whilst there's a range of possible issues, the most common is simply a fault with the clutch coil not engaging, which means that the compressor isn't spinning to give you nice cool air. A mechanic might give you a typical quote to replace the coil, compressor, and re-gas... but that'll likely come out at the cost of replacing the car&#... more
Started by McLeod
  • 1st November 2016 - 12:56 PM
So there's something in your car not working and you think the fuse is blown? A common problem for Ford Falcon BF Owners unfortunately. It could be your indicators, hazard lights, door locks, wipers, instrument cluster, or most commonly cigarette outlet. Here's the digram, but remember, if you don't have a diagram you can always pull o... more
Started by McLeod
  • 1st November 2016 - 12:11 PM
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