Tesla Ditched The Free Charger Network Carrot For New Owners. - Removing the freebies on the back of solid sales.  

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Post #1 post 8th November 2016 - 11:13 AM
Have you noticed the Tesla Supercharger's in popular places in the cities?

In Brisbane, you may have seen them in the Queens Plaza car park, or the Wintergarden Car Park, or the Post Office Square car park, or... shit, they're popping up everywhere!

There's even one in Rockhampton, Mackay, Noosa, the list goes on and on...

But, in case you've been living under a rock, access to these charging stations has been "free" to existing Tesla car owners which is a very cool freebie inclusion for new car owners for the last couple years.

However, Tesla has now announced that new car owners from 1st January 2017 will not have access to these charging stations for free... BOOOOO!

The good news is that this announcement won't affect existing car owners, at the moment....

All this news is likely a solid sign that Tesla is finally gaining a strong foothold in the Australian EV market, which is very interesting since the Model 3 release is getting ever close, which is intended to be on par with a BMW 3 Series in affordability - which would be a welcome introduction considering all existing Tesla models available are $100k upwards.

But, with manufacturers like Audi stating that they expect half their sales to be EV vehicles by 2025, the push from Tesla with their EV range of vehicles is certainly a sign of things to come.

To the petrol heads, I'm sorry to say, but the trend is solid, EV vehicles are here to stay.

To the environmentalists, I'm happy to say that EV vehicles are gaining traction and sales are increasing at a solid rate. Despite BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc, being a bit behind the eight ball with decent EV vehicles from these brands not coming until 2018, eventually the streets are going to be filled with loads of EV cars.

To the car buff's that love a fast car, like it or not, these EV vehicles have enormous potential - the "Ludacrous" mode on the Tesla P100D will take it from 0-100 in 2.8 seconds... that's something even Ferrari struggles to compete with!

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Post #2

I noticed the free ones around here and in Sweden, but while I was the the local electricity supplier was modifying the charging stations to link back to your electricity account via some sort of card system

Post #3

How do they stop new Tesla owners from accessing free power? Is it a different interface? What would stop you from fitting up your Voltswagen with the same interface as the old Tesla?

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