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RAE CORD SEAT Covers - Red, RAE Headrests, Airbag Compatible

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really want to standout? these cord car seat covers are designed to brighten up any car, featuring bright highlights with simple unusual shapes. these seats have also been designed to be long-lasting, and to show minimal traces of wear. high wear contact areas like the base and the back of the seat are trimmed in black, where other areas that are likely to receive less wear have been highlighted, helping to keep the highlights bright even after a few thousand kilometres. these seat covers have been designed to fit most vehicles, and include an integrated head rest for the ultimate sports look.

  • Airbag compatible
  • Cord fabric
  • Easy to fit
  • Fits most vehicles
  • Front pair
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RAE CORD SEAT Covers - Red, RAE Headrests, Ai...
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