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Turtle WAX ZIP DRY Squeegee

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is this product for you?

turtle wax zip dry squeegee is a multi-use, intelligent squeegee designed for quickly and effectively wiping down a car's body or windows, as well as, the exterior of trucks, boats and houses following washing. using this device ensures a streak-free outcome.

how easy is it to use?

the unique v-groove silicone blade glides over smooth surfaces without any pesky stickiness and lifts water off the area to dry the zone three times as quickly as a chamois cloth. it is safe for use on all clear coat paintwork. stop wasting time with generic cloths and dry-off your car in a fraction of the time.

  • Dry your vehicle in a fraction of the time
  • Great for drying windows
  • Soft silicone blade is safe for clear coat finishes
  • Streak free
  • Use to dry car, trucks & boats quickly
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Turtle WAX ZIP DRY Squeegee
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