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Turtle WAX Power Mini Duster

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turtle wax power mini duster will spruce-up the interior dust-laden surfaces of your vehicle, boat, home or office in a flash. the top-quality, non-abrasive, feathered microfibre technology maximises dust-catching ability. with turtle wax power mini duster you won't just spread the dust around the area; you'll trap it, hold it and remove it permanently.

did you know?

unlike a regular duster, each square centimetre of this special microfibre encased device contains thousands of high quality, woven together fabric feathered strands which work together to seize and lift dust from the brushed-off surface.

  • Ideal for car, home & boat use
  • Microfibre attracts & lifts dust
  • New feathered microfibre technology
  • Soft, gentle & scratch free
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Turtle WAX Power Mini Duster
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