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Tridon Thermostat Gasket - TTG51

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if you're replacing a thermostat, make sure you replace the old gasket with a new one. thermostat gaskets are designed to seal between the thermostat housing and vehicle engine. the tridon thermostat gasket range consists of two styles of thermostat gaskets, either paper or rubber 'o' rings (sealing rings). the tridon thermostat gasket range has been carefully refined, researched and engineered to suit each specific application.

please refer to my garage at the top of the page for the correct thermostat gasket for your application or head into your local supercheap auto store for more information.

*sealing compound must be used in conjunction with the thermostat gasket during installation.

  • Flange dia: 64.5mm
  • Produced to oe specifications
  • Rubber seal gasket
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Tridon Thermostat Gasket - TTG51
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