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Toolpro TAP and Die SET - Imperial, 24 Piece

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is this product for you?

a stripped or threaded nut or bolt can be a cause of unbelievable frustration, regardless of whether it's on the car, at the job site or even something around the home. time can easily be lost when it means an unwanted trip to the nut & bolt shop, or worse still, if the thread in question isn't that easily replaceable. a tap & die set like this set from toolpro can be the answer to these problems; complete with a durable metal case and moulded plastic tray for easy allocation, this kit comes with taps, dies and their respective holders to re-thread any stubborn nut or bolt.

how easy is it to use?

one might be apprehensive about using a tap & die set if they never have before, but they really are quite simple to use. a tap, as the name suggests, is a male threaded tool bit designed to cut a thread into the inside surface of a hole; a process call tapping, which creates a female thread. a die is used to cut male thread on to a cylindrical rod; for example, threading of a bolt. depending on whether you wish to create a male or female thread, the appropriate holders for each of these are used to slowly cut this thread into the metal, and can be used to either clean a stripped thread, or even create a new thread.

where can it be used?

the toolpro tap & die set can be an incredibly useful kit when used in the right hands. it can be used to either create new thread on a surface where none was before, or it can be used to refresh thread that may be stripped or has fouled in some way. perfect for any handyman, whether the use is for automotive, trade work or even general purpose work around the house, a tap & die set is sure to save the frustration of a stripped or threaded nut or bolt more than once.

  • 1 x die handle
  • 1 x tap wrench
  • Imperial
  • Metal case included
  • Tap and die:1/4-20nc,1/4-28nf,5/16-18nc,5/16-24nf,3/8-16nc,3/8-24nf,7/16-14nc,7/16-20nf,1/2-13nc,1/2
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Toolpro TAP and Die SET - Imperial, 24 Piece
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