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Toolpro Mini BALL Joint Separator

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what is the function of this tool?

a ball joint separator is an easy tool used to separate ball joints from the suspension components they are attached to on a vehicle. because these components have very tight tolerances on the ball joint shaft they sit on, when it comes time for them to be replaced it is rare for them to simple slip off when the nut is removed. the design of the ball joint separator allows it to slip between the ball joint and the component it is attached to and essentially wedge it out.

is this product for you?

the toolpro mini ball joint separator is designed to be of extreme use for those with limited access in their vehicle. this separator spans a total length of only 200mm in order to allow maximum versatility in tight spaces. the jaw width measure up at 19mm which is perfect for typical ball joints on vehicles. durability and rigidity is key with tools like this; made from drop forged and heat treated steel, this ball joint separator is not only strong enough to take the force needed for this kind of job, it also has a great ability to withstand excessive heat.

  • Ideal for cars with limited access
  • Jaw width: 19mm
  • Made from durable drop forged, heat treated steel built to withstand heavy heat
  • Overall width: 200mm
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Toolpro Mini BALL Joint Separator
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