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Toolpro Cylinder Compression Tester

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compression is a critical part of an engine’s combustion, without it, or more specifically, without the right amount of compression, your engine will not produce power efficiently. an engine is a sealed chamber designed to keep compression in. if your engine is not producing the correct compression, this can be due parts such as the piston rings, valves or head gasket not sealing correctly. the toolpro compression tester is designed to tell you the exact amount of compression that your engine is producing. with these readings, the user can then compare differences in compression between cylinders against the factory service manual, to determine if engine reconditioning needs to be undertaken.

using the supplied 14mm, 14mm deep or 18mm fitting, this will thread into the spark plug hole, replacing the spark plug. when using a compression tester, it is always best to disconnect the ignition system as well as disable fuel source to prevent the car from starting. remember, when using a compression tester, you don’t want the motor to kick over; you simply want to crank the motor in order to drive the pistons and produce compression. as this is an advanced tool, it is advisable to read instructions before use along with the service manual of your car.

  • 14mm, 14mm deep & 18mm spark plug hole fittings included
  • Ideal for testing if piston rings, valves or the head gasket is sealed correctly
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Toolpro Cylinder Compression Tester
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