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Septone Orange Scrub Hand Cleaner - 500ML

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orange scrub is a heavy duty hand cleaner containing high quality citrus oils & a fast working pumice abrasive. it is designed to remove most industrial soils including dirt, mud, dusts, coal dusts, oils, greases & solvents. orange scrub contains no petroleum solvents & is ph controlled to more closely match that of the skin. this provides a high level of skin compatibility. orange scrub also provides natural moisturizing & super-fatting to the skin through the incorporation of a lanolin derivative as well as aloe vera, vitamin e & jojoba oil. orange scrub contains a fine grade of pumice to gently remove ingrained dirt, without the harshness associated with coarser grade abrasives.

  • 500ml
  • Biodegradable
  • Deep scrubbing pumice for fast cleaning action
  • Natural citrus formula, petroleum solvent free
  • Pleasant orange fragrance
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Septone Orange Scrub Hand Cleaner - 500ML
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