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RYCO Marine Fuel Filter - Z673MAS

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why is a fuel filter important?

contaminants such as dirt, rust or even poor quality fuel can be potentially harmful to an engine by causing inefficient combustion, blocked or worn injectors, and even damage to the engine itself. the purpose of a fuel filter is to ensure that only the cleanest possible fuel is fed to an engine in order to keep it healthy and fuel efficient. for the most effective filtration, not only must a superior quality fuel filter be used, but it must also be replaced on a regular basis to ensure consistent performance.

is this product for you?

ryco fuel filters not only provide superior fuel economy and performance, they also prevent blockages and damage to be caused to fuel injectors, further preventing expensive breakdown and repair costs. the range of ryco fuel filters is designed to match oem fitment and surpass their filtration and flow quality. while the quality of fuel used and the amount of contaminants found in it greatly affects the life of a fuel filter, in order to ensure consistently clean fuel, regular replacement with a superior quality ryco filter is recommended.

  • High efficiency filtration, removing more dirt & providing clean, filtered fuel
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RYCO Marine Fuel Filter - Z673MAS
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