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Rockwell Shopseries Cordless Drill - 18V LI-ION

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is this product for you?

do you need a dependable, light-weight, cordless drill to take care of diy tasks around the home, garage or workshop? this rockwell shopseries cordless 18v li-ion drill will ensure small renovations, installations and improvements are carried out efficiently, safely and to a professional standard. running on 18 volts of battery power with 18nm torque and no load speed of 0-55rpm, this drill will power on with ease through any heavy-duty project. it has a chuck size of 10mm keyless and comes with a 3 hour battery charger.

how easy is it to use?

accuracy and visibility are ensured in the form of the led light which illuminates your workspace to minimise the hazards of use under low-level lighting conditions. this device is equipped with 16 1 clutch settings allowing you to easily adjust the force exerted to suit different applications. the cordless design means you won't be flicking a troublesome cable out of your way while working so you are free to concentrate on the drilling task at hand.

did you know?

the rechargeable lithium battery is environmentally safer, lower maintenance and 40% lighter than nickel-cadmium batteries with 3 times the life-expectancy. lithium batteries also experience low discharge rates, so you can store your device for months without the power source dying and unlike ni-cad batteries, they don't suffer from memory effect so you can recharge the device whenever you want, whether it's half full or empty. recharging a fully drained device takes just 3 hours.

  • Chuck size: 10mm keyless
  • Clutch settings: 16 1
  • No load speed: 0-550rpm
  • Power: 18 volt li-ion
  • Torque: 18nm
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